Friday, March 9, 2012

Michelle Duggar on Internet Radio Take Two

Michelle will be back on the internet radio show Daytime with Donna on March 30th. More details to come.

Missed the show this afternoon? Click here to listen to the recording. Michelle was only on for the last 15 minutes.


  1. to bad that thing did not workout with the timing today. I was on the phone waitting to talk to her. :( I will get to see her next weekend and hope to talk to her there if able to. Thanks for posting on the next show.

  2. Hi Landers - We are so sorry the timing didn't work out on our show this past Friday. But we have asked Michelle to come back again on March 30th for 45 mins. Please keep trying to call in. We know the phone lines will be going crazy. Thanks again!
    Nina Frye
    Daytime with Donna

  3. I thought it was kind of mean to cut off the last to women who asked Michelle a question towards the end of the show.I know the host Donna was limited on time , but it would have been better to let Michelle finish giving her advice instead of cutting her off in a vain attempt to get more callers in. It was kind of an annoying interview in my view.

  4. Hi Lily and Ellie!
    I emailed Dede Wilson. She forwards all the questions from the Live Chat to Nina Fry, the producer of Daytime with Donna. I asked her a question to forward to Michelle Duggar. She said Michelle Duggar will be on at 2:15 PM EST for a full 45 minutes. She also said to call in early at 877-864-4869 because the lines will be full.

  5. We apologize for any callers that were cut off on Daytime with Donna when Michelle was on. We were very short on time and these callers that were on hold were waiting a long time and we wanted to make sure everyone got to say hello. On March 30th, when Michelle Duggar comes back on, we will do our best to make the interview run smoother. Thank you.
    Daytime with Donna Radio

  6. Agreed. Out of the many interveiws i have heard them give, that was the most painful one to listen to. Would of been better to cancel it and leave it for a later date. I thought the hosts talked too much during Michelles interveiw with the ladies and the radio hosts also asked questions that required an answer that took up valuable time. What a shame there was a mix up in times and thats why Michelle called in late. Sorry if i sound critical but I did not enjoy that interview at all.

  7. Michelle accidentally called in late or there was some type of mix up? Don't they brag about "Duggar Time" and being late all of the time. Is their time is more important than everyone else?

  8. @Stephanie

    Hi Stephanie,

    There was a mix-up with the time. Although it was not Michelle's fault, she graciously offered to schedule another radio interview, which took place on March 30th.

    Lily and Ellie


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