Monday, July 11, 2011

Listen to This!

Just stumbled upon a fabulous interview that Jim Bob and Michelle did with Moody, a Chicago-based radio station, in February.

Interview no longer available


  1. its always great to hear about how Michelle and Jim Bob met its so romantic! I think they are such great parents!

  2. An excellent interview. Thank you for posting it for us. I particularly like the triangle illustration. What a great touchstone for a relationship.

  3. Thank you for all your wonderful resources on the Duggars! They are such an encouragement to me and my family and we love them. This was a wonderful listen as always.

  4. Great interview.. always enjoy listening to Michelle and Jim Bob. they have helped me, as I am a teacher of 4 year olds.

  5. Another great interview... thank you for posting it... I couldn't get it to work the first few times but finally did.. thanks...
    Angel in PA


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