Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Duggar Boys Day Out" Recap

On last night's episode of "19 Kids and Counting," Duggar Boys Day Out...
  • Jim Bob and Michelle race to submit the final manuscript of their second book (in stores now). In a house with eighteen children, you can imagine that's not an easy task. Michelle shares her perceptive "[Our children] are what our job is. The distraction is sitting down and trying to write a book."
  • When asked what he learned about his wife through the whole process, Jim Bob replies, "Michelle is the sweetest person in the world, but she can also be very firm...sometimes we have a difference in opinion." Michelle gives her response: "When it comes to putting something in black and white, I just want it to be the way I really believe it ought to be, and I'm not going to settle for anything less." 
  • Jim Bob, Josh, and John-David spend several hours at an auto auction, bidding on vehicles to sell at Josh and Anna's car lot.
  • All the Duggar men--and boys--head over to convert Josh's new car lot from a taco restaurant into a dealership. Even seven-year-old Jackson goes along to help. The youngest Duggar boy is embarrassed when Johannah tells the world that he still likes to play "Mom and Dad." But after a hard day at work, Jackson is eager to get home and tell his favorite playmate all about his experience working with the big boys.
  • "They kind of a typical married couple," Jim Bob describes the relationship between Jackson and Johannah.
Do any of your children have a relationship like Jackson and Johannah? Is there a sibling in your family that you are especially close to?


  1. I enjoy watching Jackson and Johannah. It is so cute when they whisper things to each other during the interviews. Was it the Life at the Pond episode interview when Johannah gave him a push and he suddenly dropped completely out of the picture as he slid off the stool? They just continued on as Jill or somebody set him back up.
    I think Joesph was also at the car auction. He is easy to miss since he is so quiet.

  2. I have two 6 yo's that are exactly like that! Lydia says she plans to marry Daniel one day, and they will live in the playroom. Daniel has no intention of marrying her, but he is very protective of her nonetheless.
    Although one was adopted and one is bio, they are only 4 days apart and act & think exactly like twins.
    Very fun!

  3. Johannah and Jackson are so cute! They are both about the same height. I think they could pass as twins.

  4. What a great episode. Many hands make light work! Jackson is a little live wire. My youngest was just the same way. He was how I knew God had a sense of humor. He was always saying something funny. Correcting him when he did something wrong was always a challenge. He would try to make me laugh when I was trying to be serious. LOL!

    As far as relationships between siblings and relationships...two of my two sisters were less than a year apart. They were more like twins than just sisters. They were inseparable their whole lives...
    Angel in PA


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