Sunday, July 10, 2011

Entire Family Signs Books in Atlanta

As we spoke to Michelle and Anna on Thursday, the entire family was finishing up last minute preparations for a trip to Atlanta (click here to listen to the interview). Yesterday, over four hundred fans gathered at an Atlanta Barnes and Noble to meet and greet the Duggars and have their books signed. Even Josie (who is now walking on her own!) and three-week old Michael James went along.

See pictures of the event here.

Did you make it to the book signing in Atlanta?


  1. Nope but I wish I could have gone. Hopefully they will have more stops on their book tour.

  2. Honestly, is there any woman more beautiful than Michelle Duggar? She is just radiant. I wish I looked half as good and I only have 5 children!lol

  3. My family of 4 was there. We were visiting Atlanta from FL and are fans, so this worked out perfectly. I was amazed to see Anna and Michael there as well as Josie!

    The Duggars were all so warm, genuine and the kids were so polite. We were towards the end and they had to be exhausted! Jim Bob and Michelle spoke and met each one of us and even posed for photos.

    Thanks Duggar family for a special afternoon! It was well worth our time. Jill

  4. I wish I could but I am in Nebraska! I am so happy for the people who got to meet the family today! Its cool that Josie has a new playmate and nephew!

  5. They were at our church yesterday! They were just as lovely in person as they are on tv!

  6. Do you know if they will make it to Kansas????

  7. As of now, it doesn't look like the Duggars are scheduled to be in Kansas in the near future, but keep checking our Appearances page ( try our best to post all of the family's public appearances.

    Thanks for reading!
    Lily and Ellie

  8. I am in CT, so we don't see the Duggars on the east coast! I just finished their second book and LOVED it! It has lots of interesting facts about the family, but they also put in a lot of resource information. Go Duggars!

  9. Was there and waited in line for 2 hours then had my own pregnancy scare so had to leave and rush to the emergency room. Praise the Lord everything is fine with my baby, but I missed meeting them and having them sign my book. :( Very sad and wish they'd be close again!

  10. I was there! I had a great time and enjoyed getting to meet the whole Duggar family!
    They are as sweet in person as they are on TV. :)
    Thank you for stopping by Atlanta!


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