Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Duggars Respond and Rescue" Recap

On last night's episode of "19 Kids and Counting"...
  • When a deadly tornado tornado hits Joplin, the eldest Duggars pack up supplies and rush to lend a hand. For 26 hours straight, they worked as search and rescue workers. 
  • Seeing the widespread destruction is very humbling for the kids. "They had houses that were thrown blocks down the road, miles even," observes John-David, offering to help victims in any way he can.
  • To celebrate Jason's 11th birthday and Jackson's 7th birthday, the Duggars party it up at a local, family-style arcade. 
  • Putting aside the usual "it's all about me" birthday stigma, Jackson gives up his hard-earned, 2500 tickets to "buy" a princess kit for Johannah. 
  • For Grandma Duggar's 70th birthday, the family bakes and decorates 70 cupcakes and invite a bunch of family and friends over for a surprise party. 
  • Everyone loves Grandma! "She's always made it fun when she babysits," says Jill. "Whenever the kids are doing something, Grandma will give it a try," chimes in Jackson. "She'll try almost anything!" adds Joseph. When the family went skydiving a couple years back, she wanted to join in, but Grandpa talked her out of it.
  • After a trip to the local cyclery, Jason, Jackson, and even Grandma come home with new bikes. Jim Bob tries to talk Michelle into getting one, but the mom of 19 prefers to drive the van on family bike rides. 
  • What happened to the Duggars' motto, "buy used and save the difference"? They still follow it, but bikes are an exception. "The bikes get old and rusty, and they end up costing more to fix them up than what you can just go buy a new one for," explains Jim Bob. 
Do you enjoy bike-riding? 


    1. very sad part about Joplin
      very cute when Jackson & JoHannah were messing around w/ the stools
      very sweet when Jackson gave Hanny the princess kit, I mean it was his birthday trip! WOw
      Whose little white dog was on the show?

    2. Yes I enjoy bike riding it is fun.

    3. I love Grandma! What a positive woman. She reminds me of my Nanie who was the biggest example of a "Godly" woman. Keep on Keeping JESUS first in the show and in your lives. God bless, Deb

    4. Is there a recipe for the cupcakes it didn't look like a box mix. Love to try there recipes!

    5. The cupcake recipe they used on last night's show was not a Duggar original--it was from the back of the Hershey's Cocoa box. Here's the link to Hershey's cupcake recipe, which is most likely the one the Duggars used:

      If you're looking for a tasty, Duggar dessert, try Grandma Duggar's Buttermilk Chocolate Sheet Cake:

      Lily and Ellie

    6. Just found your blog minutes ago through another one that I follow. I am so glad to read about what you have been up to, and am blessed to hear how you helped in Joplin. Selfless giving is a wonderful model of what our Lord gave for us.

      I had to give up cable TV last year, and I must say that your show is the thing I miss most.

    7. Not to take anything away from the Duggars but, I believe it was a "total of 26 hours" divide that number by the folks who went so they would not stay overnight. They were about 1 hour drive from home. If they had stayed that long, the show would have dwelt more on this and if they were needed there, how come the rest of the rescue squad was not shown - or was the rescue squad not there.
      Do love the show but appears it was a photo-op visit only.Right up there with the wisdom teeth again.

    8. I missed the show because I was busy!
      I think Jackson is such a sweet brother to give Hanny a Princess Kit but I am not shocked as they are best friends! I love Jim Bob's mom she is such a sweet Grandmother and mother. I am happy they helped out Joplin. I hope to watch this show next Tuesday night!

    9. Hi Lily and Ellie!

      Great blog! Just wondering, do Jim Bob and Michelle come from large families? I saw Jim Bob's sister Deanna on the show, but does he have anymore siblings?


    10. Hi Patty!

      Jim Bob only has a sister, and Michelle is the youngest of seven.

      Lily and Ellie

    11. I am a survivor from the tornados that hit central Alabama right before Joplin. My family and I were involved in the 3 tornados that night (one of which was the one that tracked from Miss. to Georgia). Some of my family and friends lost everything but their life (PRAISE GOD!!!) As someone who has gone through this recently, thank you for the time that was spent there. Regardless of the amount of time was spent there, as one reader metnioned, it brought light and hope to those who have gone through all of the horrific disasters that have happened recently. It's not always about quanity...but quality. So again, thank you!

    12. Wow, Cassey! That must have been a horrific experience. Praise the Lord that you made it through!

      ~Lily and Ellie


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