Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Duggars, Doctors, Discipline" Recap

On tonight's episode of "19 Kids and Counting," Duggars, Doctors, Discipline...
  • Michelle--along with Jana, Jedidiah, and James--drive over three hours to Little Rock for Josie's preemie checkup. It is well worth the drive when Dr. Lyle, the Duggars' neonatologist, gives Josie a clean bill of health.   
  • Josie is not thrilled about all the poking and prodding that come with her visit to the doctor, but she tolerates it. "She's so small...but she's really, really smart," says Jessa. Josie blows kisses, loves to jabber, and is even starting to walk on her own!
  • Back home, Jessa reads to the little ones--age five and under--and then puts them down for their 2:00 nap. Johannah is usually the most defiant, but Jessa is patient and knows the importance of being firm and consistent. 
  • Does Jessa actually enjoy training and correcting her younger siblings? The answer is yes. "She'll be a very organized mom," says Michelle. "But she definitely will run a tighter ship than I ever did." 
Do/did the older kids in your family enjoy helping out with the little ones? 


  1. they do it, I don't know if they enjoy it or not.

  2. I remember not liking naps at five when I went to day care! It was so boring! I got into trouble for not sleeping at day care!

  3. I don't enjoy helping out with my younger siblings but I still do it.

  4. My siblings and I are 20, 17, and 5. My 17 year old sister and I do a lot of babysitting when we're home. It can be fun sometimes, but I'm sort of glad that we only have one significantly younger sibling.

  5. Any way to find out where the "Josie" diaper bag featured in this episode is from. The camera zoomed in on it a few times... once while loading in the van & then again when entering the doctor's office, while the bag was attached to the back of the stroller. I'd love to know!

  6. My kids LOVE taking care of their baby sister. They fight over who will get her out of bed after her nap and who will feed her and push her stroller. They absolutely love it.

  7. Hi There!

    I really enjoy your blog about the Duggars:)

    ...and yes, my daughter is a great help with her younger brother:)

    Have a wonderful day.


  8. I loved being junior Mommy to my little sisters when I was a child. My oldest son was wonderful with his little brother. When he would cry as a baby, my oldest son would do almost anything to get him to laugh. What a great helper. Both my boys helped with our a foster child (baby)we had once upon a time. They are 18 and 22 now and best friends.

    One thing that was really great about this particular episode was Jessa talking about being firm with no for little ones. Sticking to your guns and being firm makes a world of difference. If you don't then you are asking for trouble. They aren't sure do you mean it the first time, the second, or not at all? Of course going along with that you have to think about what you say no to carefully because you don't want to not be consistent by having to change your mind later... anyway my 2 cents... for what it is worth... Jessa is going to make a great Mom... and little Josie is as cute as can be...
    Angel in PA

  9. We received this question from Rhonda by email. Any advice to share with her?

    In our family the older ones do help out with the younger ones, there aren't as many, and I really like the idea of "pairing" them together to benefit both. I do experience some problems with the younger ones not obeying as well with them as they do with me and the older ones getting frustrated over that.

    I feel we need to work on cheerfulness and family service more to have that more consistently displayed on a day to day basis. If a crisis comes up they do really good so I know that they can do it.

    Any advice on this??? My oldest at home is 15 yr old Josh, 11 yr old Isabella and then 9yr old Caleb. They can sometimes get crabby with each other.

  10. I have 6 children. They are 14, 12, two 3yr olds and two special needs 15mo olds. The older kids don't want to help with anything! How on earth do you give each child the time and love they need? I have 6 and can't figure it out...the little ones always take most of my time and it seems impossible to spend time with the older ones when they only want to play video games (not that they get to very much.


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