Friday, July 29, 2011

Listen to This: Duggars at Focus

Remember back when the Duggars visited Focus on the Family? While the kids had a ball touring the Adventures in Odyssey studio, Jim Bob and Michelle sat down and chatted with Focus On the Family Daily hosts.

To listen to part one of their interview, click here. For the second segment, follow this link. To buy the interview on CD, visit
To hear Jim Bob and Michelle chat with Lisa Anderson on the Boundless Show, click here (the Duggars come on about halfway through). 


  1. I loved listening to your program today. You are an inspiration to those who are ready for the lord to bless them with the gift of children. Thank you for showing America that there are strong godly families.

  2. when I hear interviews like this I wish Michelle were my mother or I could someday in the future be a mother like Michelle!

  3. Just yesterday, I had been looking to get the DVD of Tea with Michelle at, and also found they had the CDs of the Focus on the Family broadcast as well-after having just read your post, I think I'll be getting it...definitely an encouragement!

  4. I really appreciated your interview on Focus. Getting to hear your story and special insights into family life was a real treat! Thank you for your openness in sharing your love for the Lord and your family!

  5. Focus on the Family is played t 5:30am on my Christian radio station. I'm up at 5, and usually don't listen to it, but when I heard their voices, I was like, hey, this is worth tuning in for! They are so gracious, and it was great to hear them praying over them at the end. They do need a lot of prayer for wisdom over how they do life in the public eye.

  6. Thank you for finding all these interviews and providing us with so much informations!
    You and your website are a blessing for us!


    There is another interview in the last part of the show


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