Friday, November 5, 2010

Josie Update!

Josie Duggar will be 11 months old in just 5 days! We spoke with Michelle Duggar last week -- Click here to listen to the interview-- and she was thrilled to report that Josie is thriving. She now weighs in at over 15 pounds!
"Josie is doing wonderful!" reported the mom of 19. "She is a miracle baby...Her brain, and her eyes, and her ears, and all of those important things are working perfectly." Her favorite toy is the Jumperoo, and she loves to roll around on the floor.

Did/do your kids love the Jumperoo?


  1. I always love reading about baby Josie. My son was in the NICU at the same time and was release just 4 days before Josie. I loved the Duggars before we were fellow preemie parents, but I'm especially fond of them now. NICU life is no joke & I cant imagine doing it with so many little ones at home. My son also started rolling around and jumping in the jumperoo, shortly before he had surgery and went into a body cast. We're hoping he'll be out jumping again in no time!

  2. Well....if I had children then..yes? Maybe? I struggle with Husband and I really desire to have children. Ever since our miscarriage (which was over a year ago) life has been such an emotional roller coaster ride! However, my Husband and I take it all as a blessing! We know we are in God's will. In God's perfect timing...! (:

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    God Bless!


  3. I was just reading on the TLC website that during the special of Mackynzie's first birthday, another exciting announcement to be celebrated will be made. Makes one really want November 16th to come!

  4. My first daughter loves it and my second one will be going in it tomorrow for the first time... I think she will love it since she loves her excersaucer...

  5. Michelle, and Jim Bob please stop having kids. I know you love all your kids, and that's fine. But I really think if one of you two were left alone to care for all the lil ones plus do house work, that would change your mind about having more. I really feel for the older ones having to carry all day, and do for all the lil ones. That's not their responsiblilty, and they didn't ask to be born to you two, and take care of all the kids you two keep having! Knowing the lord the way you two do, that should be convicting you two for putting such hevy things on those young adults.


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