Thursday, November 11, 2010

Anna Duggar is Expecting!

You called it! Josh and Anna Duggar are expecting their second child in June 2011! "I showed Josh the positive pregnancy test on Mackynzie's birthday," Anna told People.
The young couple was thrilled for a positive pregnancy test after Anna's miscarriage this summer.
"I was very sad," Anna says. "Josh was a big encouragement to me. It helped us go through the heartbreak to learn that 30 or 40 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage."When asked how many kids they expect to have, Josh announced, "We'll be having 25." But he quickly assured everyone that he was only joking. He and Anna will welcome all the gifts the Lord has in store for them, whether that's two children or twenty-two.

Tune into TLC this Sunday at 8PM/7PM CST to see Josh and Anna make their exciting announcement to the rest of the Duggar clan!
How many kids do you have?


  1. How exciting! I was wondering when they would be expecting baby #2. My little girl was born the day after they had Mackynzie and I have since had a little boy who is 10 months younger than his sister. Very happy for the both of them.

  2. We have 2 boys adopted from Russia, we are working on our third child and first daughter from Bulgaria home Spring 2011. And praying for many more!

  3. WOW! That's awesome!!! Praise God! Ooo! I hope it's a boy! That would be so awesome!

    wow..I had no idea Anna had a I don't feel so alone. =]

    I am SO happy for them!!!

    God Bless the Duggars!!!


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    Feel free to check it out (:

  4. so happy for them! such wonderful news! God bless!

  5. DuggarFamFan Michelle also had a miscarriage after Josh was born-it was one of the reasons they decided to discontinue any birth control.

  6. Congrats, we have 2 boys, that is what the Lord has blessed us with so far.

  7. i would take as many as heavenly father would see me fit to have :) oh and also i excited for josh and anna :) are they keeping with the m theme if so if it a boy Malachi if a girl Mia or

  8. We are about to have baby #6 (any day now!) and we have also been through 3 miscarriages, so 3 babies waiting in heaven. Congratulations!

  9. Congrats to Anna and Josh. How exciting it is to add a new blessing to the family.

    We have 8, soon to be 9. My new baby is due June 29th, just days after Anna's.

    I have had miscarriages. I am proud that Anna has chosen to talk about it and let other women see they don't have to suffer in silence. Talking about it REALLY helps.

    Also, I am glad Anna so boldly let the world know about praising God in the good and bad times. So true! At least in my life.

  10. Congrats!!!!!!!!! I think they are blessed and great parents. My daughter was born 1 wk before they had their daughter, however my daughter and their's do have Oct. 8th in common. My daughter had her heart sugery that day. God Bless and Congrats!!!

  11. This is so exciting; I am happy for Josh and Anna!

    I do not have any children at this time. :)

  12. I have 2 beautiful Little boys My youngest son Josh was born not to long before Mackynzie. He is a Sept. 18th baby. Good luck and God Bless will be praying for a safe and easy Pregnancy.

  13. Hi! I'm Destiny and I'm 13 years old I have to younger brothers named Gavin(7) and Grant (9 months). My mom has always wanted tons of kids like the duggar family! She tries and tries over and over again and it never happens! Please pray for my mom and my Aunt! My aunt is pregnant and she is due in December it's a girl and it'll be her 3rd child. Her name is gonna be Kaley! Blessings,

  14. Anonymous,

    Yes, I have heard lots about her miscarriage, I was just encouraged by Anna more so...sharing her thoughts on miscarriage and all because, she is around the same age as myself, and I just felt I could relate better to her which really helped me a lot!! (:
    I'm glad I'm not alone in this :)

    - Tina

    I blog @:

    God Bless!!!

  15. Out of 6 pregnancies, I was only able to give birth to two babies. After the first two miscarriages we were told we couldn't have any children, but we had a boy and then a girl. Sadly, our daughter died 10 years ago at the age of 16. I always wanted to have a big family. I ended up starting a daycare. My happiest times were having 30 kids around each day. All of those kids are now grown up and many have children of their own.

  16. I am so happy for Anna and Josh. I am sad to hear about the miscarriage but I hope that the new baby will be healthy.

  17. I don't have any children by choice.

  18. They should name them: If they have a boy Micheal James Duggar and if they have a girl McKenna Grace Duggar


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