Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Duggars Make a Movie" Highlights

Did you catch Sunday's "19 Kids and Counting" special, Duggars Make a Movie? Here are the highlights:
  • After a short tutorial, the film crew handed their gear over to John (video), Jill (producer), and Jessa (sound). The Duggars' mission? Survive an entire week-long trip to Washington DC without the crew, while capturing enough footage (approximately 10 hours!) to create this episode.
  • Jim Bob and the kids celebrated Michelle's birthday and then headed out. They were running on Duggar time: by the time the kids were rounded up and the bus loaded, they were four hours behind schedule. "Why aren't you on the bus?" John-David asked Hannie. "Cause I'm eating my Popsicle," his sister answered. 
  • When can two pizzas satisfy the Duggars? When they're JUMBO pizzas! After visiting the monuments (Jason's favorite was the "Veterinarian Memorial, aka WWII Memorial), the Duggars stopped by a unique pizzeria for lunch. Joseph tore through two huge slices. According to Joy-Anna, "He's in his growth spurt -- that's why he eats so much." Turning to her 14-years-old brother who's just pushing five feet, she added, "It's almost Josiah's turn." 
  • For dessert, the clan headed over to Georgetown Cupcake (the set of TLC's "DC Cupcakes").
  • While the camera rolled, Assistant Producers Jackson and Johannah asked Mommy and Daddy questions like "What's your favorite color?" and "How much pounds do you weigh?" Needless to say, some of their questions went unanswered.
  • After a quick stop in Tennessee to visit the Bates family and meet their 18th baby (Judson Wyatt), the Duggars headed home to celebrate Amy's 24th birthday. Amy's greatest fear is clowns, so what did Josiah, Joy, and Anna do? They added one more guest to the list: Stiltz the Clown! Amy was scared out of her wits, but she had a blast. It was a birthday she will never forget. 
  • Jana, John, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger headed to Trailblazer Studios in Raleigh, North Carolina to watch their footage be transformed into a show. They enjoyed the experience but were thankful to return the gear to the crew. Filming is not easy, especially when your cast is a family of 19 children!
Does your family take home videos?


  1. Oh my goodness! I just moved from Raleigh, NC almost 2 months ago! I wonder when they were there.

  2. How neat! The Duggars were in Raleigh at the end of September, I believe.


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