Sunday, November 14, 2010

"GrandDuggar First Birthday" Recap

On tonight's episode of 19 Kids and Counting, "GrandDuggar First Birthday"...
  • Josh and Anna took Mackynzie to Florida to visit Anna's family, where Mackynzie took her first steps! They spend a day at the beach, and Josh learned to surf from Bill the soundman. He swallowed enough water to fill a fish tank but had a blast. Mackynzie's highlight of the day was eating sand. Mmmmm, tasty!
  • Josh and Anna went with Anna's dad, a volunteer chaplain, to minister to a group of women in prison. Anna, who grew up helping out in her father's ministry, has learned the importance of being real and sincere. She told the ladies about the pain of her recent miscarriage. What carried her through was remembering to give thanks to God in all circumstances.
  • Anna threw a huge party for Johannah and Mackynzie's birthdays, which are three days apart. The theme was Noah's Ark, and guess who was given the task of making a Noah's Ark shaped cake? Cousin Amy! Desperate, she called on Jinger for help. Both girls rarely cook, and although the Duggars have celebrated 284 birthdays, neither of them had ever baked a cake. But what looked like a disaster soon turned into a magnificent work of art. With the added touch of a colorful backdrop, courtesy of the boys, this was the best Noah's Ark cake I have ever seen.
  • All the kids put on animal costumes, and the party began. "I was talking with Mackynzie a little bit ago," announced proud father Josh, "and she told me this is her best birthday she's ever had."
  • But this won't be Josh and Anna's last time celebrating a first birthday, because they are expecting another child! How did the rest of the Duggar clan take the news? Some were speechless, others knew the announcement would come sooner or later, but all were thrilled, especially Grandpa Jim Bob and Grandma Michelle.
When was the last time your family celebrated a first birthday? 


  1. 20.3 years ago, as I am the baby of the family! No grandchildren yet, which in some ways is a sad feeling, because my mom never got to see any grandchildren, just my sister's cats, which she sometimes called her 'grandkitties'. Well, hopefully my dad will get to see grandchildren.

  2. Thanks for the highlights! Sounds like it was a fun episode. :)

    The last time my family celebrated a 1st birthday was this past summer, for my niece!! Even both sets of grandparents were able to attend. It was fun! :)

  3. It was loads of fun watching!! I'm so glad Anna was able to go with her dad to minister to those precious women at the prison.
    What exciting news! A new baby is on the way!! :)
    It's been 4 years since we celebrated a first birthday. But we're gearing up to celebrate our newest additions first birthday in February 2011!!!
    Love in Christ,
    Linda M. Reddoch

  4. 11 years ago! My "baby" just turned 12!!!

    This was a great episode. Thanks for the summary - it made me want to watch it over again, so I just did! Kynzie is so cute!! Anna looks amazing! She's really well spoken. She is truly an encouragement to others. Thanks for the blog!!

  5. Haha I just realized that I put down 20 years, but it's only been 19 years, as I am 20 years old. And to think that I got an A+ in grade twelve precalculus...

  6. We don't have cable, but we buy the latest episode the day after it airs on iTunes. Does anyone know if we'll be able to purchase last Sunday's episode?

  7. nearly 2 years ago, but the next one is coming up in March next year!
    i can't believe they'd never made a cake before!!!!

  8. Aardwolf, I have not yet been able to find the Grandduggar First Birthday episode online, but I will let you know when I do. Does anyone else know where to purchase it?
    Thanks for reading the blog!

  9. It was fun watching this show about Kynzie's first birthday. I pray for Anna and Josh that they have a healthy baby. Kynzie has gotten the best birthday gift a parent can give to a child.....a sibling.

  10. Keep me posted and let me know when this episode replays on TLC. I was expecting for it to be included on the season 4 DVD but they didn't put it on.

  11. @Devon Geen

    Hi Devon,

    Our Showtimes page has the exact information that you are looking for. Here's the link:

    Thanks for reading!
    Lily and Ellie


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