Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Duggars and Sluggers

On last night's episode of "19 Kids and Counting:"
  • Jim Bob and the kids loaded into their new bus and headed for Louisville, Kentucky to fulfill a speaking engagement and have some fun along the way. Dad needed more drivers, so he taught some of the older girls to operate the 45-foot long bus! Have you ever driven a vehicle that big?
  • And Michelle stayed home. Here's her take on the situation: "I'm right where I need to be with Josie...It will only be a short period of time, and then we'll all be together again." 
  • The Duggars stopped at the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory, where they had the privilege of learning how the famous baseball bats are made. Although the museum welcomes nearly 250,000 visitors every year, Rick Redman, the tour guide, said that he has "never seen a family, and kids, more well-behaved and more attentive than the Duggars." Now that's a compliment!
  • Next stop was Glassworks, where the Duggars saw glassblowing in action. Some of the kids even had the chance to try it themselves. But it was HOT HOT HOT (2300 degrees to be exact!) But their pumpkins turned out beautifully.
  • Josie's favorite toy is the Jumperoo. "She'll just jump and jump...she makes all kids of fun noises," says Michelle.
Have you ever been to Louisville, Kentucky? Have you used a Louisville Slugger baseball bat?

Have a blessed Thanksgiving! 
~Lily and Ellie


    1. I live in Kentucky! I've been to Louisville many times! My brother in law actually asked his wife to marry him by putting "Will you Marry Me" and the date on a Lousiville Slugger bat. I wish I would have known about the Duggar's speaking engagement in KY, do you know how to get an itinerary of their speaking engagements? I'd love to go to one.

      O and to answer your first question, I drove a 37 foot RV down to Florida when I was 17 for Spring Break (with 5 other 17 year old girls) My parents were crazy to let us go! But us country gals drive from birth! lol

    2. I been to Louisville since 2003, I'm not a slugger just yet.

    3. I have been to Louisville before! I was there in 2007 for the New Attitude (now called NEXT) conference. But I haven't had the opportunity to use a Louisville Sluggar baseball bat.

      And I was in Kentucky 2 weeks ago for my grad school orientation. :)

    4. I live in Louisville and I had no idea they were in town! I wish I had known! That's so exciting!! Never been to the bat factory or glassworks though. :) It would have been so neat to run into them.

    5. Lauren,
      That is such a creative way to propose!
      I don't think the Duggars have an itinerary of their speaking engagements. We announce the ones we find out about, but some aren't advertised until they appear on the show.
      Happy Thanksgiving!

    6. I live in Louisville, KY and actually saw them when they came to Louisville! I waited over 2 hours in line to meet them :) It was AMAZING. :)
      sorry you guys missed out :(

      I've been to the slugger museum but not to glassworks!

    7. I live across the ohio river in New Albany, IN. I love your show, I wish I have known.I have been to the Slugger museum but not to glassworks, and I have a mini vrsion the the slugger bat.


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