Saturday, November 20, 2010

Another Duggar Special!

Back by popular demand, TLC is playing another hour-long "19 Kids and Counting" special this weekend. What is Arkansas' busiest family up to now? They are making a movie! Being around cameras a few days a week has given some of the kids an interest in movie-making, so they are thrilled to have the opportunity to create their own show.
Tune in tomorrow at 8/7PM CST for this unique episode, Duggars Make a Movie.



  1. This has absolutely nothing to do with the Duggars(although we love their family)...I just wanted to tell you how sweet it is that you started this blog. My tenth baby was born this past January- we named her Lily. My sister-in-law had her 6th baby in February (I was their for her birth) and they named her Elli! SO when I saw your names, I did a double take:)Our Lily and Elli live states away from each other, but we hope one day they are best friends!
    Happy blogging!!

  2. This sounds fun! I know my kids love to make movies using our old video camera. More Duggar Specials!! YAY!

  3. Thanks for sharing that with us, Patti! How neat! And we are honored that you like the blog.
    Happy blogging to you, as well. We stopped by your blogs - they are so sweet. =)
    ~Lily and Ellie

  4. ...I am really looking forward to this special! I love the Duggars!!! I have been fortunate and blessed enough to somewhat slowly get to know Mrs. Bates via email...I wish however Michelle and I could converse back and forth too, that would be nice to have both ladies' encouragement! Anyway, this episode should be very interesting...Joy Anna is an amazing actress...I wonder what her character will be? Hmm...SO EXCITED! Can't WAIT to watch! If you read you Mommy Bates :) And Mrs. Duggar :)


  5. This was a great episode. I wish they did more 1 hour episodes. It is so nice to be able to get an appreciation for how hard someone else's job is, and nice for the kids to be able to see the studio that puts the shows together! They are so lucky to be able to travel to all of these wonderful locations - such as Washington DC (my kids haven't been there!). Nice to see Michelle getting out and enjoying some time with the family at the birthday dinner without having to worry about Josie. It was fun to see Jenny hiking around the house, when we've seen Hanny doing similar walks in the past! Such a wonderful family!

  6. Tina, that is so neat that you have been getting to know Mrs. Bates via email.
    Thanks for reading the blog!



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