Saturday, October 13, 2012

Meet the Duggars: Campaigning

The Duggars are back on the campaign trail. This time, they are showing their support for representative Todd Akin. Join them in Missouri on October 16th and 17th (details below). The Duggars plan on bringing their entire family, minus John and Jill, to the events to perform music. Josh and Anna also plan on attending with Mackynzie and Michael.

Tuesday, October 16, 12:00-2:00PM
Women's Lunch Rally
Ramada Oasis Convention Center
2546 North Glenstone, Springfield, MO
Michelle Duggar, of TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting”
Janet Huckabee, Former First Lady of Arkansas
Penny Nance, President of Concerned Women of America
Cost: $20/person
RSVP to or call 417.827.8795

Tuesday, October 16, 5:00-6:00PM
Duggar Family Rally for Todd Akin
Main Street Music Hall, 1048 Main St  Osage Beach, MO 65065

Wednesday, October 17, 12:15-2:00PM
Duggar Family Rally for Todd Akin
The Farmington Civic Center, 2 Black Knight Drive, Farmington, MO, 63640

Wednesday, October 17, 6:30-7:30PM
Duggar Family Rally for Todd Akin
727 Ridge Avenue, Poplar Bluff, MO 63901

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Anonymous said...

I'm surprised they are endorsing such a candidate.

Rebekah said...

Go Todd Akin! Thank you Duggars for lending your support!

Anonymous said...

Why not support someone in Maryland!!!


Anonymous said...

I wonder why John and Jill aren't going? I kinda have this feeling like john is up to something ;p maybe we'll hear about a courtship soon!

Ethel Green said...

Why not John and Jill?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I have to say, I'm surprised and disappointed. Who would support such a person? Akin's views are extremist, ignorant, and frightening... I guess the Duggars are not as wholesome as they would have us believe. I have seen many actions and comments from them over the past little while which have made me question who they really are, but this is the final straw for me. I am a Christian, and these people do NOT represent what I believe!

pga127 said...

Do they really know about what Akin has stated (and then retracted after outrage)? How can they support a man of this very questionable character. I'm surprised at their choice.

Anonymous said...

Ooh! I'm about an our from one of those places!!!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous don't be surprised. They're supporters for the Republican party.

Jordan said...

Thanks Lily and Ellie!

Does anyone know why Jill and John won't be joining them this time?

Proverbs Mama said...

Hope it helps. Claire is an evil lady. Missouri deserves better. Too many good people there

tashapork said...

Isn't he the one that said that if a woman was really raped, she wouldn't be able to get pregnant?

Anonymous said...

I thought they were smarter than that. I will no longer watch their show.

Anita said...

Hi Duggars,
I love your show. You seem like really genuinely kind people and excellent role models. With that said, I'm saddened to see you endorsing Todd Akin. He's a poor excuse for a politician. To each their own, I guess, but there are far better role models out there.
Best wishes to your family.

Anonymous said...

They really need to be staying home and giving the family a stable life. They need to quit using the kids for fame, fortune and popularity. I hope nothing really bad has to happen for them to realize they are overdoing it for the kids. No child deserves to be thrown into that kind of life. They are no different than any other family on television using their kids for their advantage.

Anonymous said...

supporting Todd Akin? duggars, you have lost another loyal watcher. i will no longer watch your show or visit this website.

Anonymous said...

Hope it helps! We need better then old Claire-bear!!

Anonymous said...

I can understand why they would endorse the other folks within politics in the past, but the endorsement of Akin really turns me off to the family. I was an incredible fan before, too

Larsen Family said...

I love the Duggars and how they try to serve people in so many ways! Even in politics they try to serve people...thanks for being a great example. I do have to say I am somewhat surprised to see them endorse this particular candidate. Aside from his political views and statements Todd represents a different state then them and so Todd will not be their "official" rep.

Larsen Family said...

I love the Duggars and how they try to serve people in so many ways! Even in politics they try to serve people...thanks for being a great example. I do have to say I am somewhat surprised to see them endorse this particular candidate. Aside from his political views and statements Todd represents a different state then them and so Todd will not be their "official" rep.

Ems said...

Unfortunately, the money we spend on their books and dvds, and the attention we give them when we watch the show and visit their website all goes towards their support of questionable political candidates! I am not from the US, but their support of many republican candidates makes me feel very bad for people over there - and makes me worried about the stability of the US government, which is so entwined in the rest of the world's! I do not agree with any of the duggar's religious view etc, but I find the show interesting as I am currently studying religion at university. They are interesting, but i wish they would keep some of their views private so as not to mislead others or make them feel obliged to follow them.
I do not mean to be too rude or critical, but this is something I feel quite strongly about, and something I do not think TLC and the like should be helping to support/endorse.

Anonymous said...

If you've ever been reported in the media before you know that information can easily be twisted or blown out of context. So I didn't care what many of the news agencies were showing online, I decided to go and learn about this man, Todd Akin, myself.

After learning more about him he has a wonderful conservative voting record as well as stance when no one else would vote the same way.

In the second sentence of his bio on the website for his running for Senate, his devotion to God is stated. This is rare indeed in a politician.

I love how on their website, there is an icon that says that our 2nd Amendment Rights (with a gun symbol) "should not be questioned."

He believes that life begins at conception and fought hard to bring concealed carry onto the ballot in Missouri.

I'm impressed that they homeschooled their children and this says a lot about their commitment and patience as parents.

We are thankful for conservative Godly families such as these who are willing to sacrifice their lives in a harsh political life and fight hard for us the people, instead of whine and complain and do nothing positive to help shape our future for the better.

Thank you Akin family for your sacrifice and thank you Duggar family for your sacrifice as well in supporting this candidate. It takes a lot of financial resources and time. Thank you Duggar family for introducing yet another godly candidate we need to be praying for.


Anonymous said... (Set the Record Straight page)


Teacher said...

Very disappointed in the Duggars. How can they base this decision on their religious values, which seem contradictory to those of Todd Akin? Done watching the show.

Anonymous said...

What in the world are the Duggar's doing campaigning in another state for someone that is not even their representative??? This is just for more attention for them it seems. SAD!!
I wonder if the kids even have a choice if they want to be on stage or not.
I guess we may never know.

April said...

I wish my schedule had been different, I would have driven to Springfield.

April said...

After reading through comments from several weeks entries, I wonder why a few of you of you read this blog or watch the program if you are only putting them down. This is a Christian family with Christian values. Yet, some of you seem to go out of your way just to insult them. If it is that horrible to you, don't read or watch! Why needlessly insult?

Anonymous said...

I am so disappointed in the duggars for endorsing Todd Akin. He is such a turkey! Can not believe this. Really hope the duggars turn it around. love them but do not understand their political views at all. they are about to lose a loyal watcher!!

Stephanie said...

I can dress this comment. I have been a viewer from the first specials. I enjoyed their show for several years. I believe Jimbob loves God, Michelle, & his children. When I started to question their way of life it was after reading about ATI & Bill Gothard etc. That is the conferences they attend and the wisdom booklets for homeschooling.

Josh married. When it became clear that the next 4 adult children were never attending college but clearly had interest in higher education, it seemed to me they were being trained to only live like Michelle and Jimbob, and Josh and Anna.

That's one small example. I think some critics are like me and were fans but see that fame & fortune has changed them.

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord for families like them!

The White's Family Blog said...

People have nothing better to do then criticize. its freedom of choice. this is their choice. the duggars have a lot most can learn from.

The White's Family Blog said...

They are great people still. they are entitled to follow whom ever they wish. a good Christian wouldn't judge.

Anonymous said...

The Duggars would endorse ANY republican because that's who they are. The Duggars are a very nice family but they don't influence my vote nor do I care who they vote for. It is their right as Americans to vote for whoever they choose.

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