Friday, October 12, 2012

Discussion Question

Happy Friday! Here's a discussion question for you:

What is one thing that you (or your family) do that is similar or identical to the Duggars?

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Anonymous said...

save money and buy used.

Anonymous said...

save and buy used.

blmcd said...

Absolutely nothing, but I still adore them! One thing I do though, when I'm start to feel annoyed at something with my 2 young children (21 months and 9 months) is to say to myself, "reax, breath, what would Michelle Duggar do?"
It really works lol! I hope to use some of their tips and ideas over the years. Thanks for the blog Liky and Ellie x

Lynn said...

Constant head counts wherever we go! ; )

Tori said...

Family devotionals every night--though it doesn't go nearly as smoothly with a 4-year-old, a 2-year-old, and a 7-month-old.

Flavia said...

We eat a lot of pickles ! :)

charlene Sayer said...

make our own laundry soap as per their recipe!!

Hobbieswithtina said...

Awesome question.
Well my family is so alike which is awesome. It's hard to just pick one. So here are three sorry.
1. We are home school
2. We are in Christian homes
3. The girls wear skirts
And more!!!!

HIS daughter said...

We love to shop at second hand stores and Aldi's! It is amazing the treasures you can find for pennies at time :) I love it because to me it is fun wondering what deals I can make and how cheap I can get a really good quality item :)

Anonymous said...

I read the proverb the goes with the day of the month like the Duugars!


Anonymous said...

Almost everything!
Believing that the Lord should bless you with as many kids as He wants (ten kids in our family), courting instead of dating, not watching tv, being in ATI, and many other things! My family actually met the Duggar family in January and immediately became friends! And my sister emails Jessa! We also went to the ATI conference and was able to see them there as well.

Anonymous said...

we have the same beliefs, dress standards etc. (and we love pickles!) :D

Anonymous said...

Homeschool (my daughter is in kindergarten this year). This is our first official year (we ordered A.C.E. curriculum) and we are both having a lot of fun! We have been working on writing her letters & thru different kindergarten & workbooks that we found at the dollar store. She now knows how to write almost all of her letters & is having fun writing dates on freezer food & her name & address! It was hard at first with us both being frustrated that she couldn't figure out how to do the curves of some letters but oh so exciting when it clicked & she got it. I praised her & she was so happy! It's fun watching her learn & I don't regret for a minute not sending her to public school:)

Anonymous said...

We seem to have lots in common! To name the first two that come to mind...we are homeschooled and we wear skirts. I am reading "A Love That Multiplies" and just keep realizing more and more that our family and theirs have in common!


Anonymous said...

We both love our cats, both live in the country, both conservative, both Republican, both love children, both are Christians, both used to do home church, both homeschool, both will court instead of date, etc.!!!

Orla Walsh said...

I wear skirts all the time, we have no tv either, we would buy used as well, sadly we have no children but if we had we would have a large family, we are a very pro life family and a lot of my friends all have large families, we pray a lot too and they also home school too

Anonymous said...

Buy in bulk

Claudia Rodrigues said...

Save money, try to make interesting field trips with my boys, go out with my husband every once in a while and leave the kids with a babysitter (no grandmother around!). and that's it. However, I must say, Michelle is really an inspiration for me! thank you for all you have been teaching us !!
Portugal - europe

Jalyn said...

They are 4 kids in my family, all of which have been home schooled. We also are Christians and are very involved in our church.

Brianna said...

There are several, but I'll jut name a few: Our family homeschools (all my life, and I only have 1 year and a half until I graduate); we are Christians; we love to sing and play instruments together; I play the violin; my Grandpa (Dad's dad), passed away just 4 months after Mr. Duggar's dad; and some other things.

Ginger Clark said...

Thrift shopping.
Buy used & save the difference.
Family worship at the dinner table.
Homemade laundry detergent.

That's all I can think of right now.

Lena said...

We have alot in common with the duggar family.

1.We have a large family, we all wear skirts(expect the younger girl, she just wears pants at home)

2.We buy used, we wear pass-me-downs.

3.We make ALOT of food.

4. WE love going to church.

5. I'm in a ministry already:)

6. We love having fun that is not to expensive.

7. We have a big house.

8. Whenever we leave the house, it takes us forever to have everyone is the van.

9. We dont court unless we know for sure that they are our half.

10. We remian pure while seeing the guy.(No holding hands, no hugging, or any physicl contact.)

Anonymous said...

We are homeschooled using the Abaka program,wear only skirts,are in christian homes,and have several cats.

Anonymous said...

Me and my family pray and go to church we also give to tue needy so thats practicly what we do that is similar to tue duggars!

Libby D. said...

1. buy used saved the difference
2. I wear skirts but I also wear pants but I prefer skirts and dressing modest!
3. I am a Christian
4. I love dill pickles

TheBeadtriss (aka Krista) said...

I guess, it would be people count as we walk by (seven kids) and we use the same laundry soap. Plus we use the same homeschooling program, and buy used clothing. :} ~Krista WA.

Anonymous said...

Let's see. I play the piano, but mainly classical. I was taught in the ACE curriculum from 7th grade through graduation. I love to sing traditional hymn songs and fellowship with other Believers . I believe children are a blessing and heritage from God. I've never dated, but waiting for His timing for courtship. I like cars (like Josh). I've taken missions' trips, but to Mexico, Canada, and Ukraine. I like Vlasic pickles too. :-)
Anonymous 011889

Lisa said...

I wish I could say I was just like Michelle with her patience, but I'm trying! :-) But, we do have much in common. We homeschool, my daughter and I wear skirts exclusively, we are in ATI and we are devout in our faith.

Lauren H. said...

Ummm... let's see. My name is Lauren the same as Jessa Duggar's middle name.
We some what buy used save the difference (love yard sales and the Good Will.)
We once fixed tattertot casserole.
We are Christians but believe a little differently than the Duggars.
We do believe in pants for the girls lol!
I would like to court but it's so hard lol!
Pro Life!
Mitt Romney.
And many others!

Paula said...

buy used save the difference

Anonymous said...

We put God in the center of our crazy lifes.

Anonymous said...

Buy used and Save the difference.

Noah said...

Well, I'm homeschooled, I only wear pants, I will court not date, I am conservative and will vote Republican (not there yet!), and I believe children are a blessing and won't limit how many God chooses to give. I will also try to be debt free. :)

Thanks for the awesome blog, Lilly and Ellie!

Anonymous said...

We make their laundry soap. We wear dresses. We have no tv. We buy used. and we love the Duggers.

Lady Elinor said...

Home-schooled, and same school group, larger family, and we are in the same church that the Duggars are visiting soon!

Anonymous said...

We buy almost everything used, and we want a very large family...those are probably the main 2. My husband and I also did more of a courting then dating thing as we were long distance until we were married, then we lived together.

krysten said...

We don't eat pork, and I am homeschooling my children.

Anonymous said...

My family has all j names like the duggars!!!!!

Kim Davis said...

A lot of things!
From the number of children God's blesses our family with to shopping at thrift stores to wearing skirts all the time.
We love the Duggars!

Andrea said...

We buy used (we do it a lot, but not always). If we don't buy something used because we thing it isn't good quality, we sure look for the best price when buying something new.

We got married in 2008 (like Josh and Anna). Our first daughter (Teresa) was born in 2009 (like Mackynzie). Our son (Otavio) was born in 2011 (like Michael James). But I swear that we were not trying to imitate them, hahahaha! :)

Anonymous said...

My family does not have anything in common with the Duggars. Many of us voted for Obama in 2008 and will vote for him again this year. We are all agnostic or atheist and I am an only child. I went to public school, recently graduated from college, and plan to get a masters degree. I also never wear skirts. I am pro-choice and support gay rights. If I have any children at all, I will only have one or two. I will let them wear whatever they want and believe whatever they want. I also believe in dating and think courting is extremely antiquated. I also refuse to get married until everybody in the United States can.

Anonymous said...

- Christian
- Pro-Life, Pro-family, anti-contraception
- Have a cat
- Try to be as debt free as possible
- Love dressing modestly and simply.

Lisa G. said...

1. We homeschool (SOS for older ones, ABeka for younger, so we're half like them there).

2. We're non-denominational Christian.

3. We therefore don't do infant baptism. None of my children are baptized yet. Oldest is 8 and getting close.

4. We buy used a lot, but not exclusively.

5. My daughter and I like skirts, but it's not mandated that we wear them.

Liane said...

We are born again christians like they are! We love the show and watch it as a family. It is so refreshing for us to watch a show that we can relate too.No I don't have 19 children, but I have 3 beautiful children and know that they are a gift from the Lord.

Anonymous said...

Our Faith!

Leslie said...

All our cats' names start with "J". We have Joseph, Jesse, and Jonah. :)

Anonymous said...

1. Very little Tv/ Internet for kids
2 Homeschool
3. Conservative values
4. Conservative/ modest dress
5. Put God first in our homes
6. No birth control
7. Buy things USED the majority of the time.
8. Spend lots of time together as a family instead of going out separately.

Heather from CO

Anonymous said...

FYI: David and Priscilla will find out the gender of the baby on the 17th! (shown on website).
A good idea for a post should be predictions!!! I love your blog!

Kevin said...

What is one thing that you do that is similar or identical to the Duggars?
I share many of the Duggar family values but... the 'one thing that is similar' is I enjoy going on all the same field trips! The Duggars (with TLC) make viewers feel like guests along for their adventures when I watch episodes. (And in turn, I save the difference).
God bless the Duggars in sharing their faith and Lily & Ellie for the blog.

Anonymous said...

Like the Duggars I put God first in my life.

Joy said...

Are we:

√ Home-schooled
√ Christians

Anonymous said...

Read the Bible!

Irene said...

My life couldn't be more different. I have one child in a public school. I wear mostly trousers, also more practical for work ( mail delivery ) , buy new, going through divorce and ( shock horror ) I'm an atheist.
The only thing I have in common with the Duggars are the cats. Although not that many.
Love, Irene

Anonymous said...

I believe in God and the Bible.

Anonymous said...

My family can never get out the door when we want to. I've learned to say we need to leave like 30 minutes earlier that we do just to get out the door sort've on time!

Anonymous said...

Not anything before starting to watch them, but now...
1. Modesty is important to me
2. Learning to stay calm like Michelle-yelling isnt the answer
3. Many children would be God's blessing and not a burden
4. buying used-what a great idea

Thanks Duggars!

Anonymous said...

How many kids do you have in your family?
(My comment was the one about the ten kids!)

Gina said...

We have a large family, including twin boys. I buy in bulk, and am a big follower of the motto "Buy used and save the difference." Also, we homeschool. As someone else said, I find myself thinking, "What would Michelle Duggar do?" I try to be as patient and calm as she is.

Mary said...

Christian (Ind. Baptist) and Tator Tot Casserole!! :)

pga127 said...

Purpose to find the best prices, buy used sometimes, believe in Jesus, love pickles and my children!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy eating half-cooked Asian noodles (ramen noodles)!!!
First saw it as Joy-Anna's favorite breakfast in season 3 "Duggars Jump For Joy". But instead of breakfast, I prefer them as an inexpensive snack instead of processed snack chips. Just steep them 1 1/2 to 2 minutes then eat plain or add seasoning.

roddma said...

I don't have much in common. I believe in family but with a broader definition. Family isn't just kids and a husband.
I applaud those who want to stay pure before marriage but it isn't for everyone.
Marriage is give and take.
I think it is unhealthy to keep kids isolated.
The only things I agree with them on is pro- life and gay marriage. Everyone has rights but I see problems with redefining marriage. I am prolife but pro birth control.
Children are responsibilities not blessings.

Anonymous said...

Alot, but I would only anonymously admit it. I come from a totally different angle though. I do NOT want to be considered in the same boat at all!!

Anonymous said...

Hair cuts

Anonymous said...

We have a large family (10, soon to be 11)
We homeschool
We buy using cash as much as possible, no contracts other than our utilities/car insurance. If we can't afford to buy sometashen cash, we save until we can!
We are Christians, dress modestly, but do allow our girls to wear pants at home.
We serve wherever we can
Always doing head counts when we're out too!
No t.v./cable/limited Internet and
Many others things...I love the Duggar family and allow my children to watch their show when there are new episodes uploaded to YouTube!

Anonymous said...

1. We are Christian
2. We love the LORD
3. We read the Bible
4. We pary
5. We go to church
6. We are involved in our church
7. We are home school
8. I think the Lord should bless you with as many kids as He wants and that children are a blessing from GOD
9. I will court instead of dating
10. The Girls wear skirts/pants but I prefer skirts! and dress modest!
11. I buy used saved the difference
12. I always do a head count and make sure we have everyone in my family we have 3 Girls ans 3 Boys
13. We all love are mom and dad and are brothers and sisters
14. Some of us love pickles
15. We wear pass-me-downs and We buy used and some time we will buy new but not alot

Brianna I am so sorry about your Grandpa passing :(

Lily and Ellie what about ya'll?
What is one thing that you or your family do that is similar or identical to the Duggars?

God Bless everyone!
Don't Quit On The LORD!!!
Catherine K

Anonymous said...

We have a daughter named jessa

Anonymous said...


Stephanie said...

While our family does not homeschool, we do take our children on homeschool style field trips. I do not believe that public school teaches all about actual history or science, or even literature. So, we make frequent trips to civil war battle sites, the museums, libraries, and all of that.

Lily and Ellie said...


Hi Catherine,

Like the Duggars, we enjoy taking family road trips. :)

~Lily and Ellie

Anonymous said...

Well, We save money as much as possible, Homeschooled, LOTS of laundry and cleaning:), live in a christian home, love pickles, we watch tv but are pretty limited about what we watch and how much, we are a very close family and love to do things together!!:)

Anonymous said...

I forgot one thing!! We travel A LOTTTT!!!:)

Anonymous said...

@Lily and Ellie

That's Cool!
Hope you both are having a good week! Thank for doing this blog!!! You both do a GREAT job!!
God bless!
Don't quit!
Catherine K

April said...

Many of the same things!
we support the same canidates
we homeschool
shopping at Aldi
buying used
mostly a sahm (but since my children are older, I now work one 12 hour shift a week as an EMT/FF
active in church
live in country
large house

Anonymous said...

None but I enjoy watching their show

Anonymous said...

We have alot in common with the Duggars. We always are counting heads, have half the size of kids they do (9), same motto, big house, homeschool, and have the same views on courtship and marriage.

mary said...

we pretty much have very little in common. i come from a family of four. i was raised mennonite, but never baptized into that faith.
i dont think its cool to have your older kids parent your younger kids because you have so many.
i wear whatever i want to wear. i disagree with their sheltered view of life. you can still have a good and strong christian life even with all the world around you. it is up to you.
i find it insane that they dont talk to their kids about sex. its fine if you know for a fact they will court, but even still, it is a part of life!
i do like to watch the show, but sometimes i just cant wrap my head around some of the things they choose to believe. i have a feeling if i was ever friends with any of their older children, i would corrupt them some how. honesty :)

Kady said...

I make my own laundry soap from the Duggars recipe!!!!

Anonymous said...

1. Love the Lord
2. Built our own house
3. Have "lots" of kids
4. Girls dress in skirts modestly
5. Are homeschooled
6. Live in the country
7. Love singing hymns
8. Do not have television
9. Have a dad who makes not-so-funny jokes
10. As you can see pretty much EVERYTHING! :-)

Cathy Johnson said...

Nothing! That's why I watch, wish my kids were babies again so I could do it over!

Anonymous said...

I have three
1, we home school
2, we are Christians
3, we have a BIG family 4 girls 4 boys

Anonymous said...

Michelle & I are the same age.
My second pregnancy was boy-girl twins.
Modesty is a priority (although I allow bermuda shorts & modest pants -- I love palazzo pants! :-)
We prioritize activities and family time together rather than watching tv.
We strive that our entertainment & lifestyle honor the Lord.
We are teaching our children to save their first kiss til their wedding day & to find their mate with a courtship style mentality.
We strive for grace based marriage & parenting.

In areas where I am not the same as Michelle, I love to watch her and listen to her as a role model as to how to be a more industrious, humble, service-oriented, patient, gentle speaking, joyful, loving wife & mother! :-)

Anonymous said...

We homeschool,
We are Christians.

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed and admired the Duggars for as long as they've been on. I celebrate the intimate way in which Michelle teaches the children, not by hitting or yelling, but by getting down on their level and talking with them.

As a minister and a therapist, however, I have been very concerned about the completely smarmy comments that JimBob has made about Derek looking forward more to after the wedding than the wedding itself. If it was so important that his daughter stay pure and that this ceremony be considered sacred, then the relationship that Jill and Derek will have is sacred also, not something that he should act like a 16-year old about. This kind of thing is generally said by someone who cannot really imagine that his little girl is grown up, but she is, and what goes on behind closed doors should be honored. I don't know that the Duggars see this blog, but as someone who loves them dearly, JimBob needs to look at himself honestly and apologize to his daughter and husband.

Anonymous said...

i am a christians and have chores.

Louise's Blog said...

What is a born again Christian?

Anonymous said...

modesty is important
travel a lot
have a tight family bond
are christians
do not do unsupervised internet

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