Saturday, August 11, 2012

"United Bates of America" Premiere

Gil and Kelly Bates and their nineteen children are ready to show the world how they make it all work. United Bates of America premieres Monday, August 13th, at 9PM EST/8PM CST on TLC. Will you be watching?

Aug 13, 9:00 pm
United Bates of America: "Love Times 21"
Gil and Kelly Jo just welcomed their 19th child into the world, but some complications send little Jeb back to the NICU. Back home, the rest of family pulls together to create a special homecoming as they plan to celebrate Valentine's Day Bates Style.

Aug 13, 9:30 pm
United Bates of America: "Papa Bill's Farm"
The Bates head to the farm! Gil and Kelly Jo load up the family bus and head to see Gil's parents. We'll meet Papa Bill and Mama Jane and see what they think of having 19 grandchildren!

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Anonymous said...

Ahh I saw bit this morning when it was on tlc replay this morning kf last week I wasn't impressed. When I first saw the Duggars I was lik ooh this looks intresting and it was. The bates my brain went ahh. The Duggars just have something the bates don't I can't say what it is but they just do. I will not be tuning in for Bates sorry its not for me.

Gracie said...

Our Family is so excited and can't wait to watch the Bates Family's new show!!!!!!

Libby said...

for sure I will be watching the Bates tonight! I have been waiting for the show all summer!

sheila said...

Loved loved loved the bates show Mon night. I loved the fact that is showed some everyday living situations. A lot of time now all you see is the duggars traveling on every show. For a lot of ppl that's not reality.

Anonymous said...

Love, Love, love the show. Love it. This is a real family not scripted...not being Hollywood and so, so, so happy. Only thing I can suggest is that well, Kelly's hand was placed just gosh awful for young adults to watch and the cameras zoomed in....other than that, a triple home run!!!

cindie said...

I watched the Bates show tonight (monday the 13th) I just loved it! Its encouraging to watch a family live out wholesomeness on television. Now we have 2 families to be encouraged by... thank you Duggars and Bates! Of course I understand that not all things last forever, but if the Duggars show came to an end, someone in phx Az would be really sad :-( So dont go away from us ok Duggars? *wink*

Anonymous said...

Will you be posting links of thier shows also??

Tanya QLD Australia :)

Jennifer said...

Will you make these episodes available or how can I watch it since I missed it?

Eize en Annemieke said...

Hello, I hope we can see it here in Holland too. Can you see the program online by TLC, do you think? I hope so, otherwise I have to check youtube... You're lucky to see it on tv so soon : )

Anonymous said...

So cute!

Anonymous said...

Yeah but there is only so much you can show of everyday life and that is why the Duggars travel so much because their show would be so boring without it!
I mean, why does TLC have to make a show that is the exact same as the Duggars pretty much?
I know they are a different family but it just seems like the Bates' have a more boring life because they are poorer than the Duggars.
But just wait... once they get a lot of money from TLC, they will realize that they have to go on trips to make the show interesting.
The Duggars were dirt pooor when they first started their show, and now they travel the world with their 19 kids!!

Anonymous said...

LOVED the episodes, but anyone else thought that Gil's parents made too many negative comments about having their grandchildren visit? 3 in a half hour episode just makes me sad.

Godly-young-widow said...

It was so fun to watch! Yeah; one thing I never saw with the Duggars was how they teased each other, like Erin with the cookbook, and Tori with her driving. But also so sweet how one of the little boys had trouble finding the perfect gift for his sister.
Interesting showing Gil's parents and family, and how Grandma is learning ways to cope with it and enjoy after struggling with losing it with them.

Anonymous said...

We don't have cable or TV but what a blessing for my children to gather around the computer to watch a wholesome show. My children have learned so much from these two families. A blessing!

Lily and Ellie said...

@Eize en Annemieke

Hi Annemieke,

Right now, the only way to watch the episodes online is to purchase them on iTunes or Amazon. When/if they make it to YouTube, we will definitely post the links.

Thanks for being a loyal reader,
Lily and Ellie

emily said...

Callie is soooo adorable!!!!

Lily and Ellie said...


Hi Jennifer,

We will post the links when/if the episodes make it to YouTube. They can also be purchased on iTunes and Amazon.

Enjoy the rest of your week!
Lily and Ellie

Lily and Ellie said...


Hi Tanya,

We will post the links when they make it to YouTube. That usually takes several weeks, sometimes longer.

Thanks for being a loyal reader Down Under!
Lily and Ellie

Rachel said...


Anonymous on Aug 14th at 8:46 AM,

The Duggars and Bates are living for God, and He has blessed them. What's wrong with traveling? Both families are still very frugal with their money, and they are constantly using their time and finances to serve others.

Jennifer said...

Thank you for letting me know about watching the episodes through Amazon. I did not know that. I watched last night! YAY!!!

Anonymous said...

Another awesome family with great values~

Shelly Hiddleson said...

I really enjoy your program and The Bates.

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