Friday, July 15, 2011

Duggar Summer Plans

What are the Duggars up to this summer? Let's find out!
  • After spending Fourth of July with dear friend Debbie Query, Michelle and Anna took time out of their busy schedule to chat with us on Nina Frye's internet radio show (listen to the interview here). 
  • Later that evening, the entire family, including three-week-old Michael James and Josie--who is now walking on her own--loaded into their tour bus and headed out for Atlanta, where they greeted fans and signed books at a local Barnes and Noble. On Sunday, the family sang and shared at First Baptist Atlanta, a megachurch located in northeastern Atlanta and pastored by Dr. Charles Stanley.
  • And what's the point of taking a road trip all the way to Atlanta without a visit with the Bates in East Tennessee? That's where the Duggars are right now! And there's no doubt the two families are celebrating--Gil and Kelly Bates just found out that they are expecting baby #19!
  • Later this summer, as Michelle shared during our interview, Jill and Jana are in the process of preparing for their upcoming, 6-week mission trip to Peru. 
  • Michelle and Anna also announced the family is planning an international trip for later this year! Click here to read more.
That's all for now. The crew has been filming non-stop, so expect to see some of this action on the big screen in the near future. For more on the Duggars' summer plans, click here to read about an exclusive interview with Jim Bob and Michelle.

What are your plans for the remainder of the summer?

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M.B.B (Myth Busters of the Bible) said...

When do Jill and Jana leave?

Anonymous said...

The bates just announced on there website they are expecting another baby!

Rachel said...

My plan for the summer is to go camping a lot. I already have been camping twice and I hope to go two more times this summer. I am also going to Rhode Island for two days and I'll be spending both days at the beach. Then I'm going to Pennsylvania for a week. I can't wait to hear where the Duggars are going on their out of the country trip!

Ali Holmes said...

My mom is from Peru!!! I went to Peru just 2 years ago! We went to Lima and then Cusco. In Cusco you won't believe how many kids that were homeless that I saw on the streets. :(

We don't have TV anymore so I'm unable to watch there show but I'm so glad you write a recap on the episodes! :)

~Ali H.

Joy said...

Congratulations to the Bates!! Wow! And Josie is walking on her own? She is so sweet :-) I just got back from my own mission trip, I know Jill and Jana will have a great time on theirs.

Lily and Ellie said...

Hi M.B.B!

The Duggars have not yet announced the exact date that Jana and Jill leave for Peru. When we hear more, we will definitely post it to the blog.

Thanks for the question!
Lily and Ellie

briansbabe74 said...

Tomorrow I am getting baptized and my birthday is on the 26th so I will be turning 24 years old! I feel old! I can't wait until tomorrow when I give my whole life to Jesus Christ. So Please pray for me. The rest of the summer I am going to be at the Senior center and working on my GED!

I think its cool that Jana and Jill are going to Peru! I hope they help a lot of people find God and have fun in Peru!

Lily and Ellie said...

Hi briansbabe74!

Congratulations on your baptism! How exciting! We will definitely keep you in our prayers.

Happy early birthday! :)

Lily and Ellie

Anonymous said...

Hi Briansbabe,
Congratulations on your baptism, That is really terrific. You share a birthday with my father, he will be 89 on the 26th. He thinks that is pretty old too :)

Good for you going for your GED. It is hard work! When I was tutoring someone for his GED, even though I have a college degree I had to do a lot of study to help him. Look forward to hearing when you complete it. Blessings and Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

I thought Gil and Kelly miscarried at 8 weeks. Congrats!

My family is spending 3 days at Shroon Lake in the Adridacks in August. We are staying in a cabin.(My parents don't tent camp)It is only 2 blocks from the lake:)Tomorrow ,my cousins are coming! Also in August, My grandfather is coming up.

Anonymous said...

With the heat wave continuing over most of the country, I'm sure most will be spending time doing anything that can involve water, or better yet air conditioning! :) I'm betting the Duggar's visit with the Bates will show up in some form on an upcoming episode - Congratulations to Gil & Kelly, and to Zach as well - looking forward to all the updates!

Angel Renee said...

-Gil & Kelly did miscarry. This is another little blessing on the way.

-Thats so great about the baptism...God bless!

Our family is actually having a pretty calm summer. My husband and oldest son are both taking Bible classes to be ministers. My youngest is trying to finish highschool homeschooled early so he can start college early. My oldest and my husband are working fulltime. I am holding down the fort and helping them all. So mostly for us we are just doing day trips to local stuff. I think they call that a staycation right? Funny word...
Angel in PA

Southern Belle said...

Later that evening, the entire family, including three-week-old Michael James and Josie--who is now walking on her own--loaded into their tour bus and headed out for Atlanta, where they greeted fans and signed books at a local Barnes and Noble.

Ummm...just so you know they were first at First Baptist Atlanta where Dr. Stanley preaches (but he wasn't there...he was on a "book tour") We went and saw them. Got photos, videos etc. We were very disappointed as it was more of a sell our book thing than it was advertised (give testimony, talk etc). They basically introduced themselves, sang and some of the kids played the violin!

Yam Erez said...

Typo: You omitted a word -- "are": "That's where the Duggars right now!"

Lily and Ellie said...

Thanks for catching that!

~Lily and Ellie

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