Monday, July 11, 2016

Duggar Trivia 2016 Answers

 Here are the answers to Saturday's Duggar Trivia question. How many points did you earn?

1. What is Michelle Duggar's maiden name? (1 point)

2. How many TV specials did the Duggars star in before the start of 17 Kids and Counting? (2 points)

3. Which Duggars traveled to Chicago in 19 Kids and Counting "Deep Dish Duggars? (2 points)
Jessa and Jinger

4. How many siblings does Jim Bob have? (1 point)
**1 Bonus point if you can name his sibling(s)
One: Deanna Duggar

5. What state did Jim Bob grow up in? (1 point)


6. How many bridesmaids did Jill and Jessa each have? (2 points)
**1 Bonus points if you know how many flower girls they each had
Jill had six bridesmaids and four flower girls; Jessa had eleven bridesmaids and two flower girls.

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  1. Now ask people to name all 27 amendments of the Constitution or even all 10 Commandments. Bet more people know their Duggar trivia than those answers!

  2. I got 17 points!!

  3. I earned al the 11!!!!! Yay!


  4. Since being a new fan of at least two years I only got to score 8 Michelle you are my fave such a blessing you are raising those kids right and doing your best good job girls boys and remember to thank your mother and tell her she's appreciated I know from experience

  5. I got all 11 also. Yay :)



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