Sunday, August 31, 2014

Duggars to Speak in D.C.

In four weeks, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar will travel to Washington D.C. to speak at the seventh annual Values Voter Summit, a conference that showcases the nation's leading conservative voices. The event takes place from September 26th-28th at the Omni Shoreham Hotel, 2500 Calvert Street Northwest, in Washington D.C.

Jim Bob and Michelle plan to bring their whole family to the event, but that could change at a moment's notice. (Last year, several of the kids got sick and were unable to attend.) A full conference schedule will be posted to the Values Voter Summit website in the coming weeks, as will information about how to watch the conference live online.

 Click here for ticket information.


  1. You are sending people to the wrong link, search value voters summit on google and you will find a better link with the opportunity to register at the hotel before September 4.

  2. Jim Bob and Michelle are the very best!

  3. Shucks! Their going to be in D.C. just one week before I visit. Will they still be in town October 3-8 because that's when I'm coming. Who knows, maybe I will bump into them before they leave and maybe Josh and Anna since they live there. Tell them my name is Haley and to look for a girl with brown hair that's curly-wavy depending and modest clothes ( but not in a skirt, but pants and modest short sleeves) and two sisters, one who is a little taller than me and one who's several inches shorter. We have the same color hair but the taller one is real curly. Plus two parents. I'll be visiting historical monuments and maybe the Capital. So will you tell them please?

  4. The VVS is excellent. I went last year. It is one of the premier events for hearing from political conservative voices. And they need to be heard!!!

  5. We really need someone like you guys in Washington. Good Job!!!

  6. I wish i could be there! I hope so badly that you're coming to Germany one day!

  7. This is not pertaining to the meeting advertised here that Jim Bob and Michelle will be included in as two of all the special guest speakers. What I was wondering is if Michelle had a J name what would it be? To me she might be a Jamie (and the 'amie' part definitely suits her).

  8. I hope that you are coming to Germany one day! Love greetings from Germany

  9. I wish these people would keep their politics to themselves and not advertise their beliefs along with their public personalities. Also, they should not be speaking here, IMO, as they are NOT conservatives, but Christian extremists. Extremists are not conservatives. thank you

    1. Let me ask this question? Are the Duggars hurting or directly affecting your life by them publicly speaking about their beliefs? I didnt think so!......If and when that comes to be, then you have the right to be upset. NUFF SAID! :O) Godbless that Cool,Totally,Awesome family!Word up!:-)

  10. @Brittany Ceballos

    Hi Brittany,

    The current plan is for the whole family to be there, but that could change.

    Lily and Ellie


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