Sunday, December 8, 2013

Filming Frenzy

2014 is fast approaching, and the sooner the New Year arrives, the sooner new episodes of 19 Kids and Counting will air on TLC. The network has yet to nail down a date, but they told us to assure our readers that the Duggars will return soon. Filming is underway, and not just in Arkansas. The crew is currently visiting Josh and Anna Duggar in Washington D.C. Here are a few snapshots:

 The crew takes time out to play with Mackynzie and Michael Duggar

Michael Duggar interviews "Uncle" Jim and sister Mackynzie Duggar

Mackynzie Duggar shows off a picture of Noah's Ark that she drew for Josh


  1. I'm so excited, can't wait to watch them. Is it below zero there??? It is 10 below zero here in Wyoming. I heard there's no power in Arkansas, is it true?

  2. hope she gets to interact with friends, not like the rest of duggars know friends HOW SAD! even from a large family you still need friends and learn to interact with others. feel sorry for these kids, young and old.

  3. So glad the Duggars dont watch T.V. Or see or read some of the horrible negativity out there about there family. I just saw some horrific comments and videos on youtube, that i can't even repeat. Why is there so much evil being spat towards this wonderful family. Then again i should not let it upset me so, thats what they want. For every evildoer there are more of us good , well wishing Christians who wish the Duggar clan all our love.I will pray for you haters, may Godbless your sour souls! Peace b with you ;0} Sincerely, Nat & Lin

  4. I agree. People on YouTube are so mean. I sometimes wounder if people have a life and why they write mean things when we are all humans trying are best to live life. At least some of us.

  5. The Bible tells us that the truth offends. We should not be shocked by the reaction of the world. The Bible tells us that there will be those who scorn, scoff, and even persecute the people who follow God's will. The reaction the Duggars often get for following their convictions are the same reactions laid out in scripture. It is a sad and fallen world we live in and without the grace of God we would all be scoffers and scorners. Often degrading someone else is a way for people to justify their own actions and lifestyle choices (by pointing out how wrong they think everyone else is doing it). My response to those people is that we all make mistakes we all make different choices and no one is perfect look at the log in your own eye before you point out the speck in someone else's.

    1. Beautifully said, so very true, couldn't have said it better myself, Godspeed to you and yours. Sincerely, Natalie and Linda

  6. The Duggar children can hold a conversation with person any age. They are very social and intelligent. With all of the trips and volunteer work they get tons of social interaction. They have sleep overs with the Bates and other families. I don't know how you could feel sorry for them. Most kids would love to be a part of the Duggar family! They get more attention from their parents then most kids in a family of four. Praise God for another season of the Duggars . So we can know what it truly means "to be fruitful and multiply". Also to show us God's unselfish love.

  7. Hi there does anyone know if we can get this show in the uk tia.

  8. @Anonymous
    They all seem very happy and content to me. NOTHING sad about that.

  9. I just finished reading "The Duggars 20 and Counting." So interesting and inspiring. What a wonderful family. I am glad they are sharing some of their lives with others. They are a blessing.


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