Saturday, December 14, 2013

Duggars Named Defenders of Life

This week, Students for Life of America awarded their 2013 Defender of Life Award to a certain super-sized family...the Duggars! The award was given for the family's "exceptional work and personal courage to embrace the gift of life." Jim Bob and Michelle and their 19 kids have been actively supporting pro-life politicians and legislation across the nation.

The Duggars will officially receive the award at the organization's 2014 National Conference on January 21, 2014. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar will speak at the event, as will Josh Duggar, their oldest son. The family has not yet decided whether any other Duggars will be in attendance.

Students for Life is the nation's largest pro-life youth organization and is dedicated to training and equipping students in college, high school, medical school, and law school.

Tickets purchased ahead of time are $50 for students and $70 for other attendees ($45 and $60 if you register by December 31st). On-site registration is $60 for students and $70 for other attendees.

Conference location:
First Baptist Church of Glenarden
(one of the largest African-American churches in the D.C. Metro Area)
600 Watkins Park Dr.
Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20774

Click here to register online. 


  1. congratulations to them..well deserved

  2. You go,Duggars!Well deserved!Love y'all..Elizabeth Jones...

  3. Awesome work!! Doing God's work!!!

  4. They haven't done anything but have kids. They're the best you can do?

  5. If TLC doesn't cancel this show, I will boycott TLC. This one went over the line.

  6. Y r u even on this site, if u dont like them? I think your in the closet Duggar lover or y else would b so curious. Godbless you sweetie, have a great Duggar filled day.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What a perfect family to represent life. No matter how i feel, be it sad, depressed, ect. As soon as I watch the Duggars i lift up and genuinely feel happy inside. If that can happen to just one person, than the show is worth it, thank you for that!! I sincerely appreciate TLC, Duggars and Lily and Ellie. Godspeed, Natalie and Linda

  8. Wish i had the funds to go.If I did then I would be on the next plane out there. Have fun everyone!!!!

  9. I dont see how having 19 kids and supporting politicians who's views are a little extreme and owning guns and letting their kids use them is worthy of a "defender of life" award. If they were real defenders of life they wouldn't be supporting governments that interfered with a woman's rights and they wouldn't let their kids use guns. It's just my opinion

    1. So it's ok if a woman kills her unborn baby, but not ok if they kill animals?

  10. I fully support the Duggars spiritually and emotionally. I am hoping the J and his family pursues in this s powerful message. I hope that Josh pursues a ministry. Unfortunately, I do not live near Washington DC or Arkansas and I am not able to support their cause financially, but the certainly have my prayers.


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