Thursday, December 19, 2013

Duggars Endorse a Movie

The Duggars are always on the lookout for uplifting, family-friendly entertainment. Let Josh Duggar tell you about an upcoming movie that he and the rest of his super-sized clan are looking forward to watching (YouTube video below).

Alone Yet Not Alone tells the inspiring, true story of Barbara and Regina Leininger and their journey of faith and survival during the French and Indian war. Captured by the Delaware Indians and  transported across 300 miles of wilderness to Ohio, the sisters are sustained only by their abiding trust in God and their hope of escape. Alone Yet Not Alone hits the theaters March 15th.

Take a look at the trailer:


  1. I couldn't help but to notice that Josh was reading what he was saying and I wonder if he is the one who wrote it or if he was paid to read it? The movie does look interesting, the fact that it's based on a real story makes it worth seeing!

  2. Although this may not be my normal cup of tea, this film looks great!! The story sounds awesome :)

  3. Just finished this book this morning with my 14 year old son. I can't wait to see it in theaters! Can't come soon enough!

    Matthew 6:33

  4. I remember studying this story as a girl, but not from the Christian point of view. I like it. Times were really hard then.

  5. I saw it, let me worn you there's a person who gets burn at the stake, and its intents. Dough Philips is in it and so are his kids.i saw the premiere and the lady was sighing books I mean the lady who wrote it at the San Antonio Christian film festival. It's a little depressing and let me worn you that she always falls for a dirffent guy than what you think.

  6. Hey..just want to say that I'm a huge fan of the family. The happiness they exude is heartwarming. The fellowship they share is inspiring. They are simply blessed and deserve everything they have. I can only wish to be so happy in life. Anyways, I've watched the show faithfully since 14 kids. And always watch reruns, honestly I could never get enough of the duggar family, but I've had about enough of Josh and his family. Seems like the newer seasons are all about this average little family. Its gotten quite boring actually. I can't help but to think besides being the first born duggar and first grandchildren, what is so special about them? Who knows it might put pressure on Anna to fill Michelle's shoes. And those are some big shoes to fill! So I mean there's like 20 other children I'd like to be seeing grow up and lives evolve. Can we get the focus back to where it should be please?

    1. Don't know if any of my comments worked but just want to say that I miss the old seasons. We had the hard times and then so much focus on Josh and Anna. It was more fun to see how they worked as a team and ran the house. It was good to see these good looking kids show us how to dress modestly and how the older kids court. Looking forward to Jessa's courtship. But want to hear how the the teenage boys stay pure. The old episodes were more motivating. Love Michelle and the older girls but we need to some focus off of Josh and Anna. It's always fun to check in with the Bates and Amy.

  7. Lily and Ellie,

    Is this true??

  8. Courageous has become one of my favorite movies, the Duggars have good taste,i trusts their recommendation. I told a friend of mine to watch Courageous and to recommend it to another and so on and so on. Well news got back to us about a father who watched it and it totally changed his and his families life. Thats the power of the Duggars, thats exactly what JimBob intended it to do for fathers.Can't wait to see this one.MerryChristmas everyone!!!!!!

  9. i like and and priscillar waller better than the duggars!

  10. I agree, I love the diggers, and I am happy for Joshua and his family, but I love watching the children grow and see what God has for them.

  11. @Anonymous

    Hi Anonymous 7,

    Even though that article says October 2013, it was written two years ago, when the Duggars were expecting their 20th child. Michelle miscarried in December 2011.

    ~Lily and Ellie

  12. I hate it how they make the Native Americans look so bad and dumb. What would you do if someone forcefully went onto your land. Also, this movie is very historically inaccurate. The hair, makeup. This is a terrible movie.


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