Thursday, February 7, 2013

Photos: El Salvador Days 7 and 8

More "new" photos from the Duggars' 2010 mission trip to Central America, most of which show parts of the trip that were not featured on TLC. Click here to view the first batch of pictures from their journey and here to see the second batch.

 Jim Bob Duggar at the El Rosario clinic
Day 7

Meeting the governor
San Salvador, El Salvador

 Jill Duggar

 Talking about S.O.S Ministries and the El Salvadorian adoption process

 Jason Duggar

 Jedidiah Duggar

 Jeremiah Duggar

 John-David (left) and Josiah Duggar (right)

Group shot with the governor

 Jill Duggar brushing her retainers
Day 8

Joseph Duggar doing morning devotions

 Joy-Anna Duggar

 Ready for another day of mission work

Duggars boarding the boat, headed for a remote island

Jana, Joseph, Jason, Jinger, Jessa, and Jill Duggar

Hour-long boat ride to a remote village

19 Kids and Counting camera crew

Joseph and John-David Duggar

 Ministering to children in the remote village

Jim Bob Duggar

Joy-Anna Duggar posing with a group of young girls

Jedidiah and Jeremiah Duggar

 Jumping rope with the kids

Josiah Duggar and Mike

Jim Bob and the kids on the way back

Group shot

 Evening meeting and devotions

 Jinger Duggar (right)
Picking up new team members from the airport

Cramming into the truck

Jinger Duggar (right)

Joseph Duggar

Haircuts are a group effort for the Duggars

Jana Duggar playing piano

Photos belong to Richard Shoemaker. More to come!


  1. Dear Lily and Ellie
    Thanks for updating.

    How many times have the duggars been to El salvador?

    Do Jill and Enia write to each other or do they just visit every now and then?

    Will they be going in 2013?

    Does Jill speak fluent Spanish?

  2. Do the Duggars support Compassion International? I saw the logo on Joseph's shirt. Have they gone to El Salvador recently?

  3. Thank you for posting all those photos of Jill with her friend. I hope that they plan to visit each other this year. Do they keep in touch by writing to each other or does Jill just visit her every year?

    Thanks again for keeping us updated on this wonderful family. May god bless Jill and her friend Enia

  4. Why did the crew go with the Duggars byt they didn't air the episodes. I like the pictures?

  5. @Anonymous

    Hi Anonymous,

    TLC aired two episodes of the mission trip ("Duggars Explore Central America" and "Duggars Make a Difference"), but the trip included much more than was shown on TV.

    ~Lily and Ellie

  6. I hope Jill gets to visit her friend again soon.

  7. Lily and Ellie do you know if they came upon an agreement on the adoption process? I know that Jim Bob and Michelle had travel a few years ago with Gil and Kelly Bates to talk about the adoption process but Jim Bob and Michelle had to leave because Josie got sick back at home. So was there ever an agreement or how is the process to adopt? Thanks

  8. Looking at pics of them in a hot climate makes me wonder if the boys ever ask about wearing shorts. Must be a drag in the summer to always wear pants. Maybe they can wear shorts at home in private when the camera crew isn't around? It's one conviction I found rather silly.

  9. who is paying for all the exotic trips. Must cost a lot of money for a family of 19.

  10. @Anonymous
    hi lily and ellie, did you ever find out the answer to this question? thanks


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