Monday, February 28, 2011

Tune in Tonight!

Jim Bob and the kids are having a blast in Central America! Highlights of the trip include visiting with the locals, trying authentic cooking, and sightseeing. Tune into TLC tonight at 10PM EST/9PM CST for "19 Kids and Counting" Duggars Make a Difference.

Are you adventurous when it comes to trying new foods?


  1. I guess you could say that...I once tried baby octopus. The tentacles we still attached...they got stuck to my tongue sometimes. They really don't have much of a taste to be honest. (Don't get grossed out) but...if I could compare the taste of them to anything it would probably be mucous wrapped in plastic. LOL! I don't know...but it wasn't all that great. I also had tried a maggot sucker once. It was a sucker made out of something nasty-like, and there was a maggot dead in the middle it. I tried dog or cat food once too. (I wouldn't recommend that). lol. Yeah, I have eaten a lot of gross things. lol...have you ever eaten anything strange before Lily and Ellie? Your always asking us questions...well I'm gonna' ask you this time! lol ;P I'm sure your readers would like to know what yall have maybe tried!


  2. Thanks for asking, Tina! Ellie isn't that adventurous when it comes to trying different kinds of food. Lily tried squid floating in ink and admits that it wasn't the greatest thing in the world.

    ~Lily and Ellie

  3. I think I'm mostly adventurous in food from other countries, not so much for really unusual stuff. When we were growing up my mother had recipe books from around the world. Since we lived near Washington DC where she could buy any ingredients, she would make a foreign meal for us once a month. We learned a lot and became willing to try new things. -Kim

  4. I don't like to try new foods! I'm with Jim Bob on that one! And he was a riot making faces when trying out the new foods on this episode!

  5. This is my story with me trying to be adventurous with food.
    We were at a brazilian restaurant. It was one of those restaurants that will keep cimming up to your table with meat. Untold my dad that I would try all of the meat.
    The first few types of meat were great. About half way though the meal, another waiter came up and as he was saying what type of meat he had, my friend texted me, so I didn't really pay attention to what he said but I still got some of the meat anyway. As I was chewing the meat, my dad said "I never thought you would try chicken heart"
    I stopped chewing and spit the heart right out. After that my mouth tasted like blood but I think it was just me. That was the last time I go to a Brazilian restaurant.

  6. Yes i always love to try new things.


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