Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Duggars Explore Central America" Recap

On last night's episode of "19 Kids and Counting..."
  • Just a couple days before leaving for Central America, Jill got her braces off! 
  • With more than 750 pounds of luggage, including over a dozen army bags overflowing with gifts, Jim Bob and the 11 oldest departed for their fifth mission trip to Central America. "It's fun helping people and...showing them love," said Jedidiah.
  • Michelle had her hands full at home with the seven youngest and was thankful to the angels who came to lend a hand. Cousin Amy showed up one day with cleaning supplies and announced that she would be her Aunt Michelle's "maid servant." Anna's sister Priscilla came all the way from Florida to help entertain the little kids. 
  • After spending a short time in El Salvador, the Duggars took a several hour bus ride to Honduras. They passed the time by singing, watching the scenery, and having friendly Rubik's Cube competitions.
  • The Duggars spent the night in a church without working bathrooms or hot water but did not complain. The following day, the entire group set out on a three-mile hike up a rocky hillside to bring Christmas to a remote Guatemalan village. The journey wasn't easy, but you can bet that the people of Carisolito will never forget the day when a group of Americans hiked two hours to bring them gifts and share the love of Christ.
What did you think of the episode? Personally, we thought it was one of the best yet!


  1. It was great!!! The episodes just get better and better every week. I love the episodes from their previous El Salvador missions, as well, but this one takes the cake!

  2. I am a major fan of the Duggars and strive to create their peaceful lifestyle in my own life. Unfortunately, I don't have cable anymore and hence cannot watch the episodes from this season. I was wondering if you knew of any websites that may have their shows so that I could watch them online? Thanks for your time and help, and thanks for posting a blog about such a wonderful family.

  3. I this episode was great but, I was very surprised by Jessa's remarks on skirts, and flip flops etc. I have never seen any of the older Duggar girls have a feirce attitude about anything. But, that was fierce lol. It just made me sad, how she chose to react. I know they have been getting lots of criticism...but, I feel there was just way too much attitude in her response. She sounded very angered, and she has every right to feel a bit mad but, on national TV? :/ I know they aren't a perfect family. No one is perfect, and I'm not trying to point fingers in anyway...because to be honest -I probably would have reacted in the same way if I was under so much criticism.,Of course, I don't get as much because I don't have my own TV show! lol...it must be hard to be on TV a lot...even if it is for ministry reasons. I'm just scared for Jessa, I hope this new attitude of hers doesn't stick. She was so sweet and sensitive in all of the other episodes, she just appears so pompous now. Again, I'm not pointing fingers ...we are all pompous people. We all flare up sometimes...it's just that it shocked me to see that come out of her. That's all....please don't take that wrong anyone......

  4. Great episode! More of episodes like this! Lots of ministry, lots of kids. Great! Loved that Amy came to help clean - that was so nice and thoughtful of her. And so nice for Priscilla to come help out! I know when my 3 were little (and all in diapers at the same time) help like this would have been appreciated many times! ;-)

  5. I liked the show. I liked how Jessa stud up to her and her sisters style choice. I don't know why people make a big deal that the girls wear skirts. Jill looks great now that she has her braces off! I think it was cool that Amy helped out with the cleaning when the older kids were away.

  6. Ali,
    We do not know of any sites that have the newer "19 Kids and Counting" episodes for free, although YouTube has shows from previous seasons. If you are willing to pay $1.99 per episode, Amazon and Itunes have them for sale a day or two after they air.

    Thanks for the question. We are thrilled to hear that you enjoy our blog.

    ~Lily and Ellie

  7. The criticism was not about skirts, it was about footwear and how inappropriate flip flops are in an area where there are poisonous insects and snakes. If one person had an accident, out there in the middle of nowhere, it would affect the success of the entire group. I was sorry to see Jim Bob being disrespectful by thinking his tortuned Spanish was amusing. It wasn't and he looked like a buffoon. He needs to buy Rosetta Stone and learn basic Spanish. This was not one of my favorite episodes!

  8. Jessa said that there were a lot of people that thought we couldn't do anything in a skirt...or something like that...a lot of people tease me about wearing skirts and since she mentioned that alongside flips flops...I took it as her defending others. (Maybe not in the best way but, defending nonetheless). I do appreciate her saying something though. I didn't think Jim Bob looked like a Buffoon. I think He looked like a friendly humble man trying to share Christ's love to the lost -as best as He knew how. (: Sure, he may not be the best at the Spanish speaking language but, his compassionate heart for the lost made up for his inability to speak there language. I applaud the Duggar family for being obedient to God's call...even in the most uncomfortable situations. They brought a smile to those children and Christ was glorified. It was an interesting episode. I'm surprised the camera crew went all that way with them! That's too cool! :)


  9. I really like the Duggars and am glad they want to help others. However the scene where Jim Bob was yelling "Grande fiesta" really struck me when looking at the faces of those people they were there to help. I'm not sure of the emotion of the man who put his head down but it looked like shame or anger. It probably seemed that Jim Bob was making fun of the language or just assuming all the "poor villagers" would be thrilled to see a bunch of gringos bearing gifts....either way the people didn't seem too happy to have the cameras on them. Also, please tell me that the program wasn't done completely in English! Again, I do like the Duggars, I just hope that they will watch the show and the faces of the people and perhaps be more sensitive next time.


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