Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Duggars All Aboard" Recap

On last night's episode of "19 Kids and Counting" Duggars All Aboard...
  • The Duggars celebrated Joy-Anna's 13th birthday! Joy is a bit of a tomboy and enjoys leading the six boys under her but also loves hanging out with and learning from the older girls.
  • Jim Bob stayed home with Jordyn and Josie and let Michelle enjoy an autumn train ride through the majestic Ozarks with the older kids. 
  • There was a brief snippet of the October radio show interview we did with Michelle where you could hear host Nina Frye's voice and the two of us greeting Michelle. (Click here to listen to the full interview.) "This interview was one that I was looking forward to," said Michelle. Wow! That sure made us feel special!
  • On the train, the Duggars witnessed a mock robbery. Masked men rode up on horseback, shooting fake guns, and pretended to hold up the train. The kids loved it! After the train ride, they all went out to ice cream.
  • Back home, Jordyn was running around the house, entertaining her dad and Josie. "Jordyn loves to be helpful," Jim Bob told the cameras. "She went and got all the trashcans from the house and started bringing them to me. Sometimes she brings you things you don't need, but we're always very grateful to her." 
  • When asked to make a statement about Joy, Jill took the opportunity to poke some fun at her little sister, while Joy hid her face. "I do remember changing her diaper," said Jill. "So I'm glad that she's not wearing diapers anymore. She's outgrown that stage, so now she can help change diapers. Now I can embarrass her."


  1. I loved this show it was very fun to see Joy Anne turn 13! She had a fun birthday with ice cream and a train ride. I wish I had older sisters. I have always wanted a bigger family like The Duggars when I was small. I still remembered my sweet 13 though!

  2. What a fun day! I could not answer interview questions while driving! And the kids were so well behaved. Michelle seems so relaxed and natural this season, as if she is simply chatting to a friend that stopped by (us viewers!) rather than to a camera. Great to see Jordyn - what a cutie! This season has been my favorite! I hope that they are already planning/filming the next one! What a sweet and encouraging family!

  3. I wouldn't be doing a phone interview in NY while driving unless I wanted to pay a $200. fine.

  4. It was neat to here yalls radio interview on the show! That was real cool. My favorite Duggars are Jill,Jana and Anna, hopefully one day you could have all or at least one of the three on a radio show...I would def. call in if the lines were open! =] I love listening to yalls radio shows! Thanks for doing them! Yalls blog is really taking off! It's exciting!

  5. Thanks for all the encouragement, Tina! It sure would be interesting to interview Anna, to hear her perspective as a young mom. It's definitely a possibility. We'll have to see what the future holds.

    ~Lily and Ellie

  6. Joy is one of my favorites.

  7. Anonymous
    I really enjoy your show its a blessing to watch your family grow


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