Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Josie Update!

How is Josie progressing? Is she walking yet? Michelle gave us those answers and many more during our interview...

"She weighs seventeen pounds," announced Michelle. "And she's walking around, pulling up on furniture and walking around things now...She is jabbering all the time, and she tries to follow her little sisters around, her big sisters anyway, and keep up with them... It won't be any time before she's going to be taking off running and chasing big sisters!"

Ellie asked about Josie's adorable pigtails, and Michelle told us that "Those are called her Bebe Doos. We put them on, and people will always go, 'Are those... is that her real hair?' And we pull them off, and they're like 'Oh my, that is too funny!'"

Have you ever heard of Bebe Doos? Click here to see where the Duggars bought them. Would you consider buying them for your baby, or for another baby in your life?


  1. Its so great she is getting better. She really had the Lord on her side. She is a blessing.

  2. Its so great she is getting better.
    I wish you all the best....

  3. looking at them now, with my daughter age 12, they seem a little silly. However, when I started thinking back to when she was this age, I think I would have really enjoyed having this bebe doo option for her!

  4. I am so glad to hear that! Josie looked big and healthy in this week’s episode :) I think Josie is adorable. But I do not like the bebe doos. So, no my children will not wear them. But, it’s a great accessory for a little baby girl!

  5. I'm so excited that she is doing so well! Walking! She is such a miracle, and your entire family is such an inspiration!

    Boutique On The Cheap Mom

  6. How sweet! Josie sure is a miracle. Boy will she have a story to tell when she grows up!


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