Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Duggars Rock the Vote" and "Donating Duggars" Recap

On last nights' episodes of "19 Kids and Counting:"
  • The Duggars enjoy assisting political candidates, and this Election Day, they had the unique opportunity to support their very own John-David in his race for Alderman. Jim Bob and the older kids spent the day in town, holding up "Vote Today" and "Duggar for Alderman" signs. It was cold and cloudy, but they were glad to help.
  • When the polls closed, John-David was behind by only 59 votes, a great showing for such a young man. But John wasn't a sore loser. He went out of his way to congratulate his opponent and give him words of encouragement. Jim Bob predicts that this will be the first of many Duggar campaigns.
  • In a visit to Josh and Anna's home, we saw little Mackynzie, the energizer bunny. Mackynzie inherited the night owl trait from Josh's family. Her "battery," as Josh puts it, is at 100% all day, and before they can put her to bed, Josh and Anna have to discharged it. Although she has a minimal vocabulary, this baby has no trouble communicating. As Anna puts it, "Her actions speak louder than words."  
  • Business at both of Josh and Anna's car lots is going very well. 
  • Joseph followed in the footsteps of Jana, Jill, and Jessa and became the fourth Duggar to get braces. 
  • The Duggars were thrilled to have Dr. Charles Stanley, a preacher that Michelle has been listening to since age 15, over for a delectable dinner of tater-tot casserole. (Click here for the recipe.)
  • Jim Bob and Michelle donated an old building on their lot to the volunteer fire department for training purposes. During the demonstration, Jana, John-David, and Jill learned all about fire safety. 
  • Several of the older Duggars traveled to Bartlesville, Oklahoma, to serve at The Voice of the Martyrs, a ministry devoted to assisting persecuted Christians across the globe. The kids filled bags with Christian materials and attached them to parachutes, which will be dropped in Columbia.
Have you tried the Duggars' tater-tot casserole recipe? What did you think?


  1. I made the recipe a couple of months ago. I liked it but the recipe was skimpy on the ingredients

  2. Never have made it... it doesn't look too good :/ no offense yall!

  3. I think it looks delicious but I just haven't got around to making it yet.

  4. I think it looks yucky...so I'll skip this one! While I think the Duggars are great, I think a lot of their food choices are questionable.

  5. I wan to try it someday because it sounds yummy.

    It was good seeing the Duggars out voting. Jessa can vote this year right?

  6. Libby,
    Jessa turned 18 on November 4th of last year, so she missed the voting cutoff by a few days. She will be able to vote in the next election, though.

    Thanks for the question!


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