Thursday, April 29, 2010

How Josie has Brought the Duggar Family Closer

Having a baby in the NICU for four months has not been easy for Jim Bob and Michelle, but how has it affected their family?   
In a recent interview, Michelle Duggar explained that these past few months have brought her family closer together. "Even though you wouldn't choose to go through the hard times, I've seen a lot of good things," she says. All of the Duggar kids, even the little ones, have been helping out tremendously.
She explains how important it is to praise children ten times more than you rebuke them. "I’ve just seen my children do things just because they know that they’re needed at this time even more than ever before. That’s precious; I praise them for that."

Even with Josie in the hospital and Michelle having to visit her often, the family has made sure to stay close. In the words of the Duggar kids, "It isn't always easy, but somehow we make it all work."
Have you ever experienced tough times that have taught you something and/or brought you family closer together? 


  1. How is little Josie doing? is she back home with all of you yet? your all in my prayer's.

  2. Hi! Can you provide a link to that interview?? I wanted to quote Michelle on the praising children part on facebook but I don't want to misquote her....

  3. Here is the link to the interview, which was conducted by TLC:

    Thanks for reading our blog! =]


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