Monday, April 19, 2010

New Episode of "19 Kids and Counting"

Howdy, Duggar fans! Tomorrow is Tuesday, which means.....Drum Roll Please!......A new episode of "19 Kids and Counting!"

Tune into TLC at 9/8PM Central for Josie Duggar's First Shoes. Anna and Cousin Amy are far from professional knitters, but they take on the task of making booties for Josie. It won't be easy, but the finished product will be well worth it! 

Have you ever tried knitting? Do you find it enjoyable, or just plain difficult? (Not everyone is born to knit...we sure weren't!)


  1. Knitting and crocheting are definitely complicated. I tried both but could never find the time to practice. Maybe you can get some pointers from Anna and Amy tonight. I am so glad you love the blog! Thanks for reading =]

  2. I am a knitter! The best website is They have amazing tutorial videos! Definitely check them out (I know nothing about crocheting :-))

  3. I crochet and like it very much...I really wanna knit, but waiting 'till my Grannie can teach me...really wanna knit!!! Sounds and looks like tons of fun!!!
    I love y'all Duggars and your wonderful blog!!!!!!


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