Sunday, April 25, 2010

Behind the Scenes: Duggars and Camera Crew

The Duggars have been on TLC for six years. Fans have seen them go from "14 Children and Pregnant Again!" to "19 Kids and Counting!" but what is life like behind the scenes? Their camera crew is made up of four men: Scott and Frank (Photography), and Jim and Bill (Sound). What is the relationship between the Duggars and the Crew?

The Crew finds it most difficult to keep up with all 24 Duggars. Following Jim Bob and Michelle and their 19 children is crazy enough, but Grandma Duggar, Anna, and Mackynzie are in the mix as well. And when working with little kids, the crew has the challenge of chasing them around (literally) and trying to understand what they're saying.

During the show the limelight is always on the Duggars, but the Crew cannot help but feel like a part of Jim Bob and Michelle's big, welcoming family. When the cameras stop rolling, they talk and joke around like old friends.

Would you want to be a part of the Duggars' camera crew? What do you think it would be like?


  1. I could never keep up, but would love to spend the day with them. They are a good example of their faith and am blessed that TLC shows the christian faith in a positive way. So many tv shows make the "christian" faith come off in such a negative way. Hope they continue for many more seasons and was saddened to hear that baby josie is back in the hospital.

  2. Oh Heck ya definately! I think it would be awesome. Because of the opportunity of being part of a Wonderful, loving and welcoming and giving family who you know loves eachother.

  3. Oh wow, YES!!!! I am 16 and hope to someday be involved in Christian movie production, operating a camera...and I'm an all out Duggar FAN, so yes I would love that absalutely...but I don't think Scott their cameraman would like that very much!! ;-)lol

  4. Oh my gosh the most amazing thing happened today! I actually met one of the camera men and the rest of them were here this weekend. It was so cool!!!!!

  5. What about Courtney Enlow (Executive something or another and Scott's wife) and John Rotan (Cameraman) Also Sean Overbeeke the producer. Scott is the director I thought? Who is Frank? I know this is old but I would love an updated one with any pretty much necessary new additions to the crew with them spread out all over the place in places like Central America (until just recently), Laredo Texas, and Fort Rock


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