Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Duggar Caption Contest

Who's in the mood for a caption contest? We have posted six throwback photos below, and we need you to come up with entertaining captions. Go ahead and post your ideas in the comment section. Ready, Set, Go!

(For those wondering about the fourth picture, it was sent to us by a loyal reader who found five pictures from a parade at Silver Dollar City that feature members of her family alongside Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their then-nine children. Click here to see the others.)







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  1. Who is the girl in the 5th picture?

    1. Jinger I believe

    2. I think it definitely looks like Jinger.... not Jessa. Her hair is too dark to be Jessa, and Joseph and Jinger are really close, so it makes sense that they'd be together hanging out when the picture was taken. Her face.... just looks like Jinger, not Jessa..... especially if you've seen other pictures of Jinger before she wore makeup :)

    3. Lily and Ellie the 5 picture is Jinger I just watch that episode on youtube.

    4. Oops! Thought y'all were talking about the picture of Jessa sitting on the bathroom counter. Picture 5 is Joseph and Jinger. :)

      Lily and Ellie

    5. I knew it was Jinger!


    6. No, it's not Jessa. It's Jinger.

  2. 1. Mom! He farted!

    2. What is this, 80's hair day? Just smile, sis.

    3. What?! The water tastes better in here!

    4. Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle?

    5. Don't mind us, we're just holding up the WHOLE HOUSE.

    6. I can reach. I can help. Look.

    1. @Dramafreak42586. Your captions are so funny especially the one about holding up the house.

  3. First picture. Get us out of this thing.
    2nd picture. Look Mom and dad we can be models.
    3rd picture. Just got caught drink water from the sink
    4th picture. Having fun while on vacation.
    5th picture. Look how high are kite can go.
    6th picture. Caught me climbing the sink in the kitchen.


  5. 1. What do you mean my sister's in a courtship with Lawson! Could you please stop reading the tabloids?

    2.What your hair gets staticked after sleeping in a comfy couch.

    3.What? I thought you said we could drink out of the bathroom sink.

    4. When you awkwardly see a person you like in the middle of a huge crowd.

    5. All right! On the count of three we'll swing the wrecking ball next to them to see their reaction!

    6. Oh, don't mind me. I'm just, uh, washing the sinks. No. No I didn't just kick the stool underneath; and no, I'm not stuck.

    1. 5 and 6 are awesome!

    2. Super James the first one is hilarious!

    3. Anon. 2:20 - Why, thank you.
      Anon. 3:33 - Well, with the recent rumor cleared out, I figured I'd have some fun with it.

    4. Lol SuperJames! Those are good!

  6. Picture 1:
    Baby on the Left says "This stitch work isn't up to standard."
    Baby on the Right says "Oh no, I hope we aren't going to fall out."

    Picture 2: "We've been playing with balloons."

    Picture 3: "What? I just wanted a drink."

    Picture 4:
    Child Front Left: "I don't want to play this anymore."

    Picture 5: "Don't let go or the house will fall down."

    Picture 6: "I want to be a mountaineer when I grow up."

  7. 1. Mom can't you give her away and get another boy instead? 2. Momma told me this is what happens when I plug pennies in the wall. 3. Oh, was this your juice? Sorry, not sorry! 4. Jessa talking, " Jill don't tell dad but those two cute boys are looking at us!" 5. If I let go of this what would you give me? 6. Can I have a different chore please, i'm not big enough for this one!

  8. 1."I'm not doing anything. It's Jana's fault!"
    2."I wonder if they know we flushed big brother's truck down the toilet?"
    3."Mom honestly, it's only water. I'm not sneaking coffee again!"
    4."I wanted drums but I got stuck with this old wood thing!"
    5."I wonder what would happen if we let go of the rope"
    6." What do you mean I can't climb into the sink!"

  9. 1 jumping babies!
    2 curly cues!
    3 oh was i not supposed to drink that?
    4 why are they always looking at us
    5 pull like you mean it
    6 just doing the dishes dont mind me

  10. The girl in the 5th picture is Jinger.

  11. #1: Oh, hey! I found an old cookie crumb!
    -I was saving that 🙁
    #2: This is actually a pretty good hair day!
    #3: Best tap water in the whole house!
    #4: Mmmmm... am I looking at a mirror or is that my sister?
    #5: If it wasn't for us holding this, the house would fall.
    #6: Well.... this is my new jurisdiction

  12. Buffy Peterman-IsonApril 4, 2017 at 5:16 PM

    Pic 1: What kind of contraption is this?
    Pic 2: Pops, your hairspray is empty!
    Pic 3: This is where I keep my cup.😁
    Pic 4: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 ... Again... Wait! Where's Michelle?
    Pic 5:This has to be important!
    Pic 6:A little help reaching the detergent! These tater tot casserole pans need extra scrubbing!

  13. 1. Mom I think he pooped!
    2. We're saying cheese just like the our hair.
    3. I think this yellow stuff is lemonade.
    4. Sis don't stare at people!
    5. I'm trying to hold on!
    6. These chores are hard! How do they do it?

  14. 1. can some one up us out of this johnny jumping thing
    2. we look like twins can someone take a picture of us
    3. oh hi I'm just drinking water from a cup
    4. just hanging around while we eat this food
    5. where the two of us trying to hold up this house with a rope
    6. hi I'm trying to do my chore by washing dishes

  15. #4: Why are we the only girls dressed like this?

  16. 2. The first home perm
    3. I was thirsty and sister told me to get it myself!
    4.Jessa: Nike! Look at that boy!
    Jill: Nike? I am not looking!!
    5. We got the whole house in ours hands, we got the whole house in our hands....
    6. Ahh..come on! Can't I do dishes when I get longer arms?

  17. 1. Baby on the right: Ok, I'm done jumping now...I see something else I wanna do.

    2. Twinsies!

    3. I can drink AND look at myself at the same time!

    4. Yep, we're sisters, can you tell?

    5. We love working on the house...uh...is it lunch time yet?

    6. I dropped my ball in the sink!

  18. 2. The reason outlet safety covers were invented.
    3. At least I wasn't playing in the outlets like my sisters were (see above pic)
    4. What is that kid wearing??
    5. Isn't this a bungee cord?
    6. Help! I dropped my pickle in the sink! This isn't funny.

  19. 1. If I were you id take a look at her diaper!
    2.we're the bobbsey twins!!
    3.oops! Busted!
    4.what did you say again?!
    5. This aint hard work at all!
    6.I did the dishes all by myself!!

  20. 1st picture="Just a swingin.'"
    2nd picture="The Toni Perms turned out beautifully."
    3rd picture="I thought the bar was still open."
    4th picture="OK,on the count of three, let go."
    5th picture="They told me this was the bathroom."

  21. 1. "Quick! If we look away, maybe they'll stop taking pictures of us!
    2. "I told you not to let dad try to blow dry our hair!"
    3. "Doesn't everyone get water this way?"
    4. *girl on left* "Quick! Don't make eye contact!"
    5. "Hmm, wonder what this rope is for... Probably isn't too important, so let's turn around to take a picture!!"
    6. Pleeaase!! Can't I just do dishes instead of all that laundry? See, I can reach!!"

    ~Cat :D

  22. 1.I wander if they can smell me yet? Oh will somebody please change him? (Thoughts of the twins) 2.Daddy tried to do our hair today. He really missed the 80's. 3. What? I was tirsty? 4. I think that boy is staring at us. 5. Our duggar size kite is stuck. 6. Whatcha lookin at? It's my day to do the dishes?

  23. 1. Another baby? We're not done with our jumpers!

    2. I like big hair, just wait it'll be back in style some day

    3. What no coffee in here!

    4. Whose lost? I got my buddy!

    5. This kite is awfully heavy.

    6. Dishes are done, I'll just het in for a swim now!!!

  24. Who is the girl in the 6th picture? It looks like Joy to me.

  25. 1. Yikes! Did someone say snake??
    Relax, at least they didn't say Hillary or Trump!

    2. 80's hair-band dress up day

    3. Smartest girl: now I wont have far to go when I'm done drinking this!

    4. The first time a Duggar girl saw a cute, immodest boy

    5. Can John David use some of this cord for something?

    6. The littlest rascal's big, big chore

  26. #1 "I'm telling you it's a baby bump." No I'm not looking !!!
    #2 We are so happy for our fuzzy hair
    #3 I had to wash my feet and then i got thirsty
    #4 Some day we will not have to wear these pilgrim dresses
    #5 Dad took the kite up there
    #6 no time to rest get those dishes in here

  27. Baby baddies
    Comb, please.
    Call TLC.. this isn't Perrier!
    Look, mom. A free house!
    Duggars do the Rainbow Gathering!
    Next stop, Mt Zion.

  28. Who is the girl in the last picture?

    1. If I'm not mistaken, that's Johannah.

    2. It ooks like.... Johannah to me.... :)


  29. #3 - You can sure tell who Spurgeon's mommy is!

  30. When are you going to Announce the winner[s]



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