Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Watch Full Episodes of 'Counting On'

 Jinger Duggar, Joseph Duggar, Jana Duggar, Josiah Duggar, 
Jessa Seewald, Ben Seewald, Spurgeon Seewald, Joy Duggar, John Duggar

Are you hoping to revisit season one of Counting On before the August 23rd premiere of season two? For those who have cable with internet TV capabilities, full episodes of Counting On are available on Discovery GO. You will be required to sign in using the unique username and password from your provider.

For those who are unable to access the episodes via Discovery GO, you can purchase them on Amazon, iTunes, or Google Play.

Photo courtesy TLC 


  1. Too bad there isn't an option for those who can't watch them on Amazon, iTunes, or Google Play. (Me)
    I guess I'll have to wait until the Episodes appear on YouTube.
    #LoveTheDuggars! #LoveJAD!

  2. Oh how exciting! Thanks for the heads up! I was unable to watch the first three episodes of the season and so now I can go back and watch them and of course rewatch my favorites for the season. So pumped for season two. :)

  3. I wonder if the younger kids feel left out, they were so used to the cameras and close to the crew.I really miss seeing them, we watched them grow and now we are missing it.Im still upset that all this punishment to the family is still so relevant.Jimbob and Michelle are sorely missed too.Its gonna take a while longer for me to not be so upset with Josh, I'm praying about it.

  4. I wonder why you would be upset with Josh? What occurred, was between Josh and his family. Just seems strange as a viewer of the show to be actually be upset with him, as if you're taking it personally.

    1. To the person who finds it strange that they would be upset at what Josh did - I don't agree. All of society pays in some form or another when others do wrong. Could be money spent by taxpayers for courts, jails or rehabilitation. Could be emotional toll too. We ALL pay one way or another. Or, the person may be upset to see all the havoc Josh brought to a family he/she had nothing but respect for! Just remember, what he did IS society's business because we all have codes and laws that must be followed. As for the issue with seeing other women, yes, that is strictly between Anna and Josh.That is nobody else's business, not even the rest of the Duggars, STRICTLY between Anna and Josh.

    2. Heck yeah, I'm upset with Josh, he hurt people I care about, and yeah, I'm some what selfish, it changed the whole dynamic of the show, let alone hurt their family,lots of us fans feel the same exact way, it's a human emotion to feel empathy for those we care about who got hurt.Im sure when u watch the news and see something horrible happen to someone you know of or not you feel some kind of compassion, (I would hope) Thats pretty normal, if it wasn't, we'll then that's a BIG PROBLEM one would have, not to feel anything.WOW! What a comment.

    3. Anon@ 11:08AM
      Josh placed himself as a spokesperson and advocate of religious fundamentalist family values. The public has every reason to call out the hypocrisy and be angry that he was on the FRC payroll while doing so.
      of Josh's actions.

  5. alot of mistakes happen as when josh was a young boy which was mishandled. he should still on going med treatment for his issues threw a real doctor only. wish the best for this family

  6. You can see Jill and Jessa Counting on/search are upload after 1 or 2 days after they show it on the Tv/Sweden Calling................


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