Thursday, June 2, 2016

Submit Your Story

Calling all blog readers! Have you met one or more members of the Duggar family? Email us ( a description of the time you spent with them, along with any pictures you took, and we might just post it to the blog. Ready, Set, Go!

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  1. well i have never officially met any of the duggars but i won (via this blog) a meet and greet opportunity with jessa and ben in jacksonville florida. i was so excited to meet any of the duggars but being the country girl that lives in the sticks i am i ended up getting lost trying to get to the big city of jacksonville. i was sick at the wasted opportunity. i admire this family so much and it is a dream of mine to meet any of them. these people are my heroes - the wonderful Christian example they are - just a great family! i still have hope of one day meeting them all. till then i really want them back on television. i think the inspirational channel or nrb network would be a great fit for this family.

  2. If I were in the in the Duggars shoes, I would pull the family off all social media, give no more interviews, and let go and let God. If it is His will that you should be on tv, blogs, other social media, He will bring it to pass. If not, start leading quiet lives and in peace. I will continue to pray for this whole family.

  3. I met josh Duggar at Purdue sometime last year at this free event with my friend


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