Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Katerra Meets the Duggars in TN

Katerra and her family met the Duggars at a book singing event in Chattanooga, Tennessee...

I had the opportunity to meet most of the Duggar family in 2014 at a book signing. I was so excited because I am a HUGE fan (literally speaking as well, as I was 7 months pregnant with my 3rd child at the time). 

There were well over 1000 people at this particular signing in Chattanooga. It's worth noting that I am not an easily excitable person by nature with this sort of thing. High strung and emotional about most things yes, but excitable about upcoming events or the like, no. But the second we got to the mall and I saw their big bus I like to have died!

We got in the store and as I stated, it was filled to capacity. I went to the restroom first, and I saw one of the Query girls with Jordyn, Josie, and Jennifer. They were pretty quiet and shy at that point. 

The family came into the store a good while before they were scheduled to, I'm assuming because there were so many people there. I thought that was very kind of them. They sang a song as a family and began signing books. 

First I met the four oldest girls, and they were so sweet and kind and very excited to hear of our pending arrival :) Jill and Jana were especially sweet. As we moved our way through the family that was there, they were all kind and very gracious. I made a comment to Jedidiah about him saying "my pleasure," and he replied that his mom had a chart up, and every time they were  heard using kind words such as "my pleasur," they got a sticker. My children are all still very young, but a boy that old even admitting his mom still put stickers on a reward chart for him was so genuine and kind. 

When we got to Jim Bob and Michelle, I literally just lost it. I just started crying and couldn't stop. She is so so so sweet and personable. They spoke with us for several minutes as they had everyone else in the line. They asked us our names and told us a little about their family. We shared with them what their family had meant to ours, and Michelle suggested we get a picture. Sadly I'm awful with electronics and can't find it right now. It was a pleasure to meet them, and they were all as sweet and kind as I expected. My husband and I were very impressed.


  1. I love these guest posts!

  2. Just wondering what's going on with the family, there has to be more going on then what we are hearing about ,which is practically nill, what is up? Something is,Its like radio silence, what the deal,its getting worrisome.I hope all is well in Duggarland,I really really miss hearing about them all, especially the little ones, as they grow and change so fast.

    1. She has carpltunnel and is taking a 2 week break. She has posts preset during that time. Get well soon!

    2. See the blog post from Monday, June 6th.

  3. Who are the Query girls?

  4. Gosh, being a Duggar sounds exhausting. I'd take my anonymity and smaller family over their life any day. I hope for their sake they turn away from the fame and find pleasure in anonymity.

  5. Happy Belated 4th Birthday Micheal!

  6. The Query girls are close family friends of the Duggars. They are very sweet girls. I know them personally.


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