Monday, June 13, 2016

Morgan Meets Joseph and the Seewalds

Morgan, a reader of our blog, met Joseph and the Seewalds. Here is her story:

When I met Joe, I was actually going to a small concert for Lawson Bates in South Carolina, and Joe happened to be there. He's a great guy, and he's nice! When I met Jessa and Ben, it was at a Southern Women Conference . They talked about many different things, and we got to meet them afterwards. She was still pregnant with Spurgeon, and her baby bump was so cute. :) I hope I can meet more of the Duggars one day!

Photos courtesy of Morgan


  1. I find it adorable that she calls Joseph, Joe! :)

    1. Yes that is so cute!!! I think Joseph is the most quiet duggar!

    2. Kind of everybody does.

  2. I think the bates and Duggars a are super sweet. The are really hospitable.


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