Saturday, June 18, 2016

Allie Meets the Duggars 3 Times

Allie, a loyal reader, has met the Duggars three times. Here is her story:

The first time I met the Duggars was in 2013. I drove 10 hours to Iowa for a Labor Day picnic at the Bontragers' farm, which was open to the public. Somehow I convinced my mom, a friend, and my friend's mom to make the trek with me.

I remember pulling up to this farm in the middle of nowhere and the first Duggar I saw was Justin Duggar, and I started hyperventilating. We got out of the car, and the first one we met was Jinger Duggar, except I was so nervous that I called her Jessa! In fact, the entire time I thought I had met Jessa, and when we left I was looking at the pictures and realized it was Jinger! Whoops! I barely talked to her because I was so nervous. I just got a picture and quickly ran away! Not my best moment...

After Jinger, we met Jana Duggar and Josie Duggar, and again, I didn't really talk to them, as I was so nervous.

Next I met Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, and I was so excited! They were so nice and just as kind as they seem on the show. They couldn't believe we had driven so far, and they just kept saying "God bless y'all."

After talking with them for a while, we found out Michelle's brother worked with my aunt - so cool! After listening to Jim Bob and Michelle speak and hearing the family sing, we were running out of time - it was a 10 hour drive, and I had school the next day. So we quickly met Joy Duggar and Josiah Duggar, as well as John Duggar. 

My mom and I talked to John a bit about his fire and police work, as my dad is in the same line of work. Time was ticking down, and we really had to leave, but Joseph, one of my favorite Duggar members, was playing football with a big group of guys, and I hadn't met him yet. I told my mom I really wanted to meet him, I mean, we had come all this way.

So my mom, being the embarrassing mom she is, went on the sidelines of the game and yelled Joe's name. He stopped the game and came over, and we got our picture. Still one of the most embarrassing moments of my life, but so worth it.

In 2015, I attended a Bates event (Erin's CD release party, which fans were invited to) and had the opportunity to meet Joseph again. Luckily, I didn't have to interrupt a game of football this time. It was cool meeting him in this setting because there were very few fans there, so I was able to talk to him on a normal level. We talked only briefly, but he was super nice and seemed like he wanted to know about me.

I was also able to stay after the event and help clean up, and it was really cool helping him clean up - like such a normal activity I was doing with Joe Duggar. This was my favorite meeting because I didn't feel like a fan as much as I felt like a friend.

Lastly, I met them in April at the Bates' graduation party, also open to the public. I got to meet Joe, Jana, Jessa, Spurgeon, John, Joy, Jed, and Justin. The Duggars at this event seemed very reserved - more so than the last time I had met them. They were still so nice though. I didn't really talk to them besides introducing myself and asking for a picture, but it was still an awesome experience. 

My favorite was meeting Jed and Justin because it seemed to me the way they responded that maybe they don't get recognized or at least asked for a picture as much as the older kids. Justin seemed so excited to introduce himself to me and shake my hand - I loved it.

It was awesome meeting the Duggars. Such an amazing life event. They are a joy and as genuine as they seem on TV.

Photo courtesy of reader


  1. I loved reading about your experiences in meeting the Duggars at 3 very different times. And your pictures are adorable!

  2. Can us loyal fans of this site and the family at least get some sort of information or explanation to what is happening.Where is all the comments and posts about the families doings.Are they laying low, if so we understand, or on the off season do they have restrictions of the material going out? How does this system work, can you throw us a bone.There has been a noticeable difference going on here and I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed.Thanks and have a blessed day😇

    1. The owner of this blog took a 2 week break from blogging due to carpal tunnel problems. See the post from June 6th.

  3. Ha! So funny her Mom embarrassed her by stopping a group football game for a fan picture! Yep, parents can be embarrassing - but they are worth it. Parents and pets, God's blessings!

  4. So awesome! Would love to know how one finds out about the open to the public events where they will be so that our family can go & meet them. They've helped us return to the Lord & helped to strengthen our family & our values. We would love to share that with them & at the very least, say thank you. No matter what, I think they're a great family, along with the Bates. And spending some time with them would be a blessing. Huge thank you to Allie for sharing! (Now help a our family out & let us know how you find out where/when either family will be, please!) Blessings!


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