Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Caption Contest

We're going to try something new this afternoon. One of our readers suggest that we hold up "caption contest." Are you are familiar with that term? We have posted 37 Duggar photos, and we're asking you all to create captions. Feel free to do as many or as few as you would like. The captions can be silly or serious. Ready, Set, Go!




































Photos courtesy, TLC


  1. #28: Sure wish I had on a pair of jeans.

  2. #34: you call that music? πŸ˜–

  3. #29: 🎀 Crazy! 🎀Crazy for feelin so lonely!🎀🎀 I'm crazy! 🎼 crazy for feelin so blue🎼🎀

  4. The last one already has a caption.. lol

  5. #24: I wish everyone would chill! Can't they see I'm trying to sleep?! 😎

  6. #37: hmmmm! I can't believe you said that!!

  7. #26: don't tell anyone but, I think I smell a dirty diaper! πŸ˜–

  8. #21: I know I'm cool! How about you?

  9. Picture 30: "I know you must be kidding, right? Do not open until Christmas???!!!!

  10. These are the cutest pictures!!!
    Love the one of Jana in the firemans britches and the one of Jackson eating that giant slice of pizza!!!!
    Keep these pictures of the little ones coming!!

    1. That's actually Josiah eating the pizza. :)

      ~ SM

  11. #8-"drink'in Duggar style"

  12. #4; "some personal space, dude!"

  13. I am no longer wasting my time ever again commenting on Lily and Ellie blogs.

    1. What you said wasn't kind to Lilly and Ellie who must work hard to keep these going. Please try to be thoughtful of their feelings. Thanks

    2. Thanks Lily and Ellie, I thought this was fun!

    3. Explain please?!

    4. you just did ;)

    5. Could you at least have the courtesy to say why?!?

  14. NO. 5 should be pickled pink. :-)

  15. #16 - "I never daydream about having a "normal" life - going to school, playing on sports teams, going to prom. Honest, I don't!"

    1. You can have a normal life and not go to public school. If you don't like the family why are you on the blog?!

    2. What about the school shootings,bulling ,the bathroom thing and even suicide in schools. Are you saying that you not normal if you don't go through that?

    3. people can have problems with being suicidal and not attend school. but there are many pitfalls.

  16. #28: "'Skirts are modest,' they told us. LOL."

  17. Awesome pictures! Love them.

  18. 35 - Imma bout to throw this here Bible! (Actually happened next)


  19. 16. You can be pretty AND strong.
    19. I really need to switch to decaf.
    29. What do you mean next week tuba lessons?

  20. #32: Talk to the producer they said. It'll be fun they said.

  21. #5 Pink Pickle Pals

  22. 26-
    hellooooooooo ladies!

  23. 12 or 21
    I was made for these shades

  24. 1- good grief!
    4- shh! you're blowing my cover!

  25. 18- don't I look gorgeous?

  26. 20.) #MomLife still so tired but yet still so awake.

  27. #22
    Gravity- it's not for everyone..,

  28. 19- Jinger the coffee drinking viking

  29. Super fun! :) Great idea! Here we go! :) 1. "My brothers are crazy" 2. "Look, im almost to the top" 3. "I'm so cute! 4. "I'm cool..." 5. "Pickles are the best" 6. "I'd make a great firefighter!" 7. "Look what we caught!" 8. "Mmmmm!" 9. "Oh. hi there." 10. "Hot Rods anyone?" 11. "I'm gonna eat this whole slice in one bite!!!" 12. "Like our sunglasses?" 13. "Cheese!" 14. "Whatca doing?" 15. "I'm gonna dump all the snow on your head if you get closer." 16. "Even though I'm a girl, I can do this!" 17. "Who on earth is standing next to me?!?" 18. "We make awesome vikings" 19. "I'm a Viking I think..." 20. "I love my kids!" 21. "This better make it on Facebook" 22. "I rock! ;)" 23. "We own the bridge!" 24. "Don't bother me!" 25. "I'm a monkey!" 26. "What is he doing in my lap..??" 27. "sister are great! 28. "Were totally gonna fall in the lake!" 29. "Am I doing it right?" 30. "This is for me?!?" 31. "I'm going to get this whole thing in my mouth before mom sees me!" 32. "Is this really happening?!?" 33. "Life here is weird" 34. "Hows that again?" 35. "I can't believe it!!" 36. "Can you still see me?" 37. "Did I really just caption all those photos?"

  30. 22- "For I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"

  31. 24: When you finally get comfortable but then you realize that you forgot to turn your light off.

  32. 10: "Us Men, We Look Good!
    19: "This Viking Needs Her Coffee"
    29: " Excuse Me I'm Trying To Practice Here"
    30: "Ben, You Really Need Some Wrapping Classes"

  33. Photo #1 "They act so cool but those ties are clip on's" -Candy from NC

  34. wow all the pictures are so great!! brings back some really good memories!! this family is like our family - we love them all and miss them all so much! wish they would move to another network that wants them and will not play the games that tlc seems to be playing. this families fan base is huge and it is sickening that a handful of bigoted radicals are apparently keeping tlc from committing to this family's show. i really miss #33 picture - the one with the younger kids doing interviews - that was one of my favorite parts of the old show! tlc really messed up by cancelling 19 kids and then bringing only the older kids without jim bob and michelle and the younger kids. we fans want ALL the duggars back on television!!

  35. #4 - chillin' out in th Hemmi
    #8 - Three cildren sharing a drink with three straws
    #28 - Time to paddle the boat
    #29 - Josie playing guitar
    #30 - Dinner the night before the savenger Hunt Engagement
    #34 - Music Time with Michael

  36. 30: Ben can neither wrap nor rap.

  37. #4:Listening to audio - bible!

  38. 22.jumping for the lord. 21. Confident for sure. 20. Overjoyed. With love. 19. Look into my eyes. 18. Sporting are new hats, what do you think. 17. Oh myhe is so big. 16. Help me somebody. 15. Are you ready, I got snow. 14. Oh I just got caught .13 what up just look at my hair man. 12. Super cool. 11. My eyes are bigger thank my pizza and stomach . 10. All dressed up and there still not ready. 9. Look at my cookies. 8. Looking good. 7. Great catch,working together. 6. Look mom iam wearing pants. 5. We truly love those pickles. 4. Tight quarters. 3.good afternoon. 2. Hang in there guys. 1.out numbered

  39. 1)oops sorry wrong photo,4) with this size family space is tight,5)sharing in a Duggar snack,6)girls can do anything,8)threes a party,9)Boys can cook too,10)POSTIONS! please,11)this slice of pizza would feed my whole family,12)now all we need is some sunnnnn!,13)say cheese,14)ummmmm,anybody missing this????,15)we just need a little more snow,16)Boys I can't do this alone,23)a bridge full of love,24)can some body turn the heat on,29)can I get some help ,if you expect me to play my latest song,31) I hope mom don't see me,33) blah,blah,blah what ever she says,34)how do they do that????,

  40. 1:
    Josiah- do you tink they would notice I've copied my face on three of the heads?
    Joy- I think they do...

  41. 31:
    Michelle- Josie can you wait eating?
    Josie- I'll hold this in place... so she won't notice I've already took a bite...

  42. 2 I think they've turned the picture so I could crawl in stead of climb...

  43. #3 Is it that time already ??

  44. I am sorry to say, that I find Picture Nr. 24 of Josie in very bad taste. It is just using the illness - severe illness at that - of a child for a harmless game. You should exchange it for another photo.
    I am actually disappointed, for until that photo I thought of you of thoughtfull women, who like the family. Well, I still think, you like the family, but this photo is just thoughtless.

    1. She does not look well at all in that photo, even if she is just taking a nap.

    2. She's just sleeping, not sick. Everyone takes pictures of people sleeping for fun because it's funny!

    3. ???... It's a picture of Josie sleeping. Most parents take pictures of their children when they are completely zonked after a full day. We usually find it sweet not thoughtless. What severe illness do you think they were inappropriately displaying? Josie is just very fair skinned.

    4. is it from when josie was sick or one of her health scares? or do you believe it looks that way? I posted a caption for that photo but assumed she was just taking a nap.

  45. Jana, Jana Jana So pretty!

  46. #4..he ain't heavy, he's my brother!

  47. 5: PIZZAAAAA!!!! πŸ•
    25: help! I'm upside down!
    29: so..... How do you play this thing?
    37: how would Anna be a baby boy?

  48. I love doing this type of thing! Here goes: #1 'A rose amongst the thorns'; #2 'It's a long way to the top if you wannna climb a rock wall'; #6 'Anything boys can do, girls can do better'; #8 'The Three Musketeers'; #15 "The number one rule when making snow ice cream: always check that it's white snow (especially with that dog in the background)'; #20 'Cute kiddies, just like their momma'; #22 'Might as well jump!'; and #35 'What?!?!?!'

  49. 3, 5, 6, 11,15, 16, 19, 26, 27, 31, 34 love u all

  50. it almost Christmas
    2. lets climb this rock wall
    3. is it time to wake up
    4.let me sleep for a little bit
    5.time to eat pickles girls
    6.going to save someone
    7.look watch we got
    8.sharing a nice cold drink
    9.making cookies for Christmas 10 boys hanging around
    11.time to eat this big pizza
    12.looking good in those shades
    13.hanging out with my sister
    14.wheres the camera for me to put this lid back on it
    15.want some snow
    16.lets play some tag a war London with a viking
    18.the two us girls are Vikings
    19.vikings always needs their coffee
    20.mommy with her two little kids shoot with put in the sun got to have my shades on
    22. air jumps
    23. can you see us this far
    24.sleepy Josie
    25.just monkey around
    26. little brother with big brother
    27.walking for the usa
    28.boat riding with friends
    29.playing music is fun
    30. ben how did you know I like blue wrapping paper
    31.lets eat strewbeeries
    32.i don't know what we are doing
    33. I don't know what to think about it
    34.why iam I here in this musica place I don't want to play music study turns into find some great news
    36.chesse lost a tooth thinking is anna going to have baby or no ,

  51. #29, or #34: "If Olive Oil is made from olives, then baby oil...." ~Olivia S.

  52. they are so funny awsome and cute

  53. #1 "Move over, Osmonds!"

  54. Replies
    1. LOL!! Everyone thinks it just didn't think anyone would have the nerve to say it!

  55. #28. "you mean not every Christian girl wears bloomers to go swimming"??

    1. This one made me literally laugh out loudπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  56. 1. "Mom... I think we need a bigger mirror."

  57. 1. Hey Joy, we have Tenor, Alto, and Soprano covered. Can you take the bass?
    5 smell it, suck it, sip it, slurp it, crunch it, eat it. Pickles. Yum, Yum!
    10 Hey Jason, I did it but don’t tell anybody.
    15 Anyone for a homemade slushy
    19 Viking Coffee. It’s the best.
    29 hey Derick, How does that Kathmandu song go again?
    30 "I wrapped it myself" "I can tell"
    32 When I get married, you want me to start out in this little house too?

  58. 33-"Umm... I forgot what I was going to say."

  59. 26- "he better not be going to the bathroom on me!"

  60. #1 why am I here #2 yes I am on a rock wall #3 I'm as sweet as sugar #4 just chillin' #5 pickles, pickles, and more pickles!! #6 the kids wanna be me when they growup! #7 dinner (probably only enough for two or three dinners) #8 best friends! #9 I put in extra sugar #10 oh, didn't see you there #11 you gonna eat that? :) #12 movie star Mackenzie #13 yes I had a balloon #14 throwback #15 time to make snowcones! #16 we won? #17 what product do you use on your beard? :) #18 good times #19 more good times #20 another throwback! :) #21 detective Duggar #22 you got that right? #23 bridge to terabithia #24 wake me up when dinners ready #25 just hanging around! #26 blonde boys! #27 girls day! #28 we're not lost we just don't know where we are #29 call me dolly #30 that made no sense #31 I'll eat it whole #32 you said something? #33 what are we saying #34 go away #35 I knew it! #36 birthday memories #37 Yeah, I know what I said.

  61. 3. Yes I'm serious, I really AM a princess! 6. Ya, I'm a girl, so what! 9. Sure you can help, but only if you brought sprinkles! 10. Just a half hour longer then we're all goin' muddin'! 16. (See number 6) 25. Now can you see my tonsils? 27. So anyway, I learned that to forgive someone is more for me and my own freedom and peace. 32. What? You are saying girls can't do what?

  62. 1) One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just isn't the same...

    2) People will be a lot less impressed when they realized we just glued plates to the counter top

    3) I think this dress is a little big on me

    6) I don't think that outfit is going to offer much protection

    7) Catch two more and we can feed the family!

    8) Hey, you know what would be really cool? How about if we all blew bubbles at the same time!

    9) Hi Mom, I made dinner!

    10) Modeling photo for Men's Warehouse tux rentals

    11) Nah, I am just playing, I already ate the good stuff off of it!

    12) My Buddy, My Buddy, wherever I go, she goes...

    13) He won't be smilling in a couple of seconds when he realizes what she's doing

    15) I'm helping get rid of the snow!

    16) Stop smiling at the camera, we are loosing!

    17) We met the Scottish Hagrid!

    20) I don't want to take a picture!

    21) Buy used, save the difference. These belonged to Tom Cruise!

    23) Um, you do know there was a zoom on that camera.

    24) Oh, Josie looks sick in this picture. I can't write anything funny about this.

    25) Mom! I want to take gymnastics!

    26) Hehe he farted!

    29) Lawson Bates takes lessons from me!

    30) Try not to laugh at the lady behind us. Don't look, don't look!

    31) Josie dear, I think your eyes are bigger than your stomach

    33) They tried to put prairie dresses on us! It was awful!

    34) What, no Stairway? Denied!

    35) Jinger is going to be really mad when she found out we read her diary. Oh wait, look, I think I found out who she likes.... Hahaha, no wonder she won't tell us!

    36) Saving on dental floss

    37) I wanted another girl. :-(

  63. 11. I was kind of sad this morning when Momma said I could only have one slice tonight. Wow! Momma was right!

  64. #30 i have a present for can you guess what it is. #6 i am a girl i can do anything i think of doing.

  65. #25 just hanging around here
    #19 vikings toally drink coffee

  66. 5. Girl's Bowling League "Pickle Princesses"

  67. #30 - Jessa is thinking "He isn't good at wrapping or rapping"

  68. #13 "To Much Static! My hair is going in a 1000 different places at once!!!
    #26 Whoa bro! Respect the bubble!!!
    #35 We're getting frozen pickles? Everybody in the van!!!

    1. I think yours are funny! lol

  69. 8. Buy one drink, save the difference.

    1. Hahahahaha that was great!!!

  70. Maureen says - #10 Boys to Men.

  71. #24 Life is tiring when you have 18 older siblings!


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