Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tonight on TLC

Tune in to TLC tonight at 9pm ET/8pm CT for a new, hour-long episode of 19 Kids and Counting, "Wedding Prep."  

Jill, Derick, Jessa, and Ben paint together on a double date while the family has a pizza party. Later, it's all about the wedding, as Jessa and Ben finalize last minute details. Will everything come together, or is there too much prep even for the Duggars? Video previews below:


  1. When is this series going to be shown in the UK? At the moment all we are seeing is old programmes, many of which I have seen before. Thank you x

  2. Dear Lily and Ellie,
    Will you be uploading the episode?

  3. I'm worried about Josie. She's not progressing as fast as her sister who is less than a year older than her. In the above clip she has motor difficulties and can't follow instructions. I don't know if it's that she's being babied because she's the youngest or if there is something wrong.

  4. I love the Show.. But why is Ben and Jesse going to adopt? And who is going to get Married next?

  5. I'm really confused about the rules the Duggars adhere to for "modest" dress. I don't understand how Jessa's clothes qualify when they are very body hugging and during her recent speaking engagement she shows off her legs in black nylons. Really? Wouldn't a pair of loose dress pants be more modest than a tight black lace dress with black nylons? Her husband seems to favor very tight shirts and I just don't see how they are any different from any other hipsters running around, yet they profess to modest dressing. By whose standards? They are pretty far from modest standards based on covering up if that's their intent, wearing a baggy pair of pants would cover up a whole lot more than some of the tight fitting clothing some of the girls wear. Never mind the layers of eye liner Jessa wears and the huge penciled in brows. It really is a lot of make up and I hope TLC isn't responsible for the change that is evident with some of the girls and the focus on looks and make up. Hope this makes the cut to be posted -fans are wondering what the standard is.

  6. Search on YOUTUBE for new program! Linköping(Sweden)

  7. Sierra seems like such a great wedding coordinator

  8. I agree with #5 completely and have said the same things on this blog. Jessa and Ben both
    seem vain and I don't understand how that fits in to being Godly. I am a homeschooling mom
    who is trying to keep my kids from being consumed with how they look. The Duggar children
    seem no different then other twenty year olds. I have stopped watching the Duggars and
    see what is going on with them through this blog. I always hope that I will be encouraged with
    this blog but lately that seems to only happen rarely.

  9. I would love to see some of the YOUNG MEN duggars courting and getting married off. Jana, Jinger seem to be a bit left in the dust. They are all such sweet people. I really enjoy watching the show.


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