Friday, January 23, 2015

Watch Josh Duggar at the March

Josh Duggar broadcasted live from the 2015 March for Life yesterday morning and spoke to attendees of Family Research Council's ProLifeCon. Below is the video recording of the conference. At 1:10:00, Josh interviews sisters Jana and Jinger Duggar and friends Lawson, Trace, and Josie Bates. At 2:11:20, he speaks with a crowd of pro-life individuals.

The video contains a few technical glitches but gives viewers a taste of what went on at yesterday's March for Life.


  1. We are created by God in his image and likeness.
    Abortion kills something, a BABY that God has created.
    I don't understand how someone could bring themselves to end the life of a little one who has no self defense whatsoever.
    I understand that there are situations like unplanned pregnancies but there are other ways. Abortion is never the answer.
    I went to the D.C. March for Life yesterday with my fellow high school students. I've been going for 15 years, starting the year I was born and it's an experience I look forward to every year.
    I stand for Life!

    Madeline Guilloux

  2. Don't go back,go forward! Say YES to abortion!

  3. Pro-life rocks!! But how many ppl do you know that has adopted/foster? Our government is destroying these precious life's, and its only getting worse. So more than one week a year lets be Gods hands and feet everyday of the year!

  4. The only thing wrong with this Pro-life video, is they don't give any really solution, they give terrible hard stories to hear, but they don't talk about pro-prevention, how they are going to high schools, and teach about birth control. Yes to STOP ABORTION, one needs to stop the baby from the start, and like the old saying, an ONCE of prevention, beats a pound of CURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I would be interested in knowing how the Duggars would like to see justice carried out should all abortion be made illegal, and how they would deal with unintended consequences of such action. For instance, desperate women may very well go back to resorting to unsafe practices or life-threatening methods to end the pregnancy on their own. I assume that because pro-lifers feel abortion is murder, they would want to see such women charged and imprisoned, along with accomplices. I also assume they want a woman to be forced to choose between adoption or attempting to raise the child herself in what may well be unstable or unsafe circumstances. There aren't enough families willing to adopt children in the foster care system now, let alone those who might be spared from abortion in the future. It is all well and good to "stand for life" before it comes into this world, but what about after? Who will assume responsibility for the care of potentially countless more neglected and abused children who would be thrown into an already overburdened social services system? While I personally find abortion to be unthinkable, the suffering of innocent children is even more so.

  6. More than a few glitches; I couldn't watch or hear it at all!!!

  7. While I am pro life - heard enough of this on this site. What is everyone else doing? I Josh wants to advocate for this fine - but enough on here. Look at how many of the recent posts have been on this. IF this is what this site is going to turn into, I'm done.

  8. I think it is wonderful that they are saying no to abortions as a solution and being so pro life. This is a very non discriminatory thing to do. Pro life is a foundation principle that paves the way for accepting all babies (who might otherwise be aborted because some conceptions are in a technical sense understood to be 'mistakes'). It would be awful if people took it on themselves to decide which people are 'acceptable' and which should be 'eliminated'. The principles of life, love, forgiveness, acceptance are wonderful.

  9. I get what the comment about prevention is saying but that is like saying it is my mother or father who did this to me because they left me in the dark, so it is a social problem, not just an individual failure. Until everyone gets it right it is good not to have to have killing as an answer.

  10. To Val B.
    I completly agree with you. adoption and foster care is a wonderful option. We adopted my little brother from France when he was 6 months old. Though he has special needs that are very severe, he's is such a joy and we love him more than ever now, 12 years later.
    I wasn't able to see the video, but that's okay, I just had things I wanted to say either way on the topic and thought that here was a good place:)
    I am so intested in the prolife movement and want to get as involved as I possibly can, I feel called to it by God. Though I'm only 15, I plan on starting studies to become a home birth midwife soon. What better job than to help bring little ones into the world!
    Lily and Ellie, do you know where Jill started to become a midwife?
    Thank you for your time,

  11. I think the morning after pill is a terrible thing, how about the morning before repent, instead of the morning after regret and take a pill.

  12. I'd like to her directly from any Duggars what their choice would be if they were pregnant by rape or "mistake" (sons and daughters)???

  13. @Maddie

    Hi Maddie,

    Jill studied midwifery through an online school in Texas. :)

    Lily and Ellie


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