Friday, January 9, 2015

More from the Duggar Archives

We enjoyed sharing yesterday's #TBT video so much that we decided to post two more. (At this point it's technically a #TBF, or just a really late #TBT.)

The first video is from the 2006 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival, back when the Duggars had 16 kids and counting. In the second video, the Duggars prepare for a road trip out west with their 16 children.


  1. Wasn't the San Antonio Independant Film Festival headed up by Doug Phillips? The guy who confessed to inappropriate behavior with a young girl? Why would you bring this all back up in a nostalgic look back on the Duggars?

    1. I really enjoyed seeing both throwback videos of the Duggars. I see absolutely nothing wrong with either video. The Duggars' attendance at the film festival you mention was in good faith, as was everyone else who attended. The fact that Mr. Phillips organized this festival, and that he later admitted to inappropriate behavior, is completely irrelevant to most people viewing this clip. The Duggars are in no way responsible for his behavior, and neither am I. I do not perceive that posting this clip is anything other than positive.

  2. Wow! This really is more me "going down memory lane" seeing how small they all once were. I can't wait until they finally return to TLC soon.
    Cheers all the way from Ecuador!

  3. I Loved The 2nd Video

  4. Thanks for these videos Lily & Ellie :) They are great! Keep us posted with more trips down memory lane!

    By the way, what are TBT videos?

  5. I watch these all the time on your blog, im so glad u have all their shows for us to view anytime :-)

  6. Can't wait for Duggars to return on TLC in February!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also can't believe how all of the Duggar kids have grown up sooooooo fast!! Thanks Lily and Ellie for posting:)


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