Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Singing Duggars

On Monday, we posted a few photos of the Duggars performing and speaking at the 2013 Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C. and asked you to identify them. Here's a video of the family singing one of their signature songs, "Standing on the Solid Rock."

Video Credit goes to Jessica W.


  1. Why do the Duggar's prohibit their own children from listening to music, yet they impose their own music on other's children? Their music is holier and accepted by God, I guess, while any other music is not? Huh?

  2. The Duggars DO listen to music, it's just different music than your typical child. They tend to listen to more Christian and pure music, as apposed to other music referencing poor judgement or even illegal actions.

  3. Awasome siging duggar

  4. Probably didnt help it was filmed at a distance. Is it just me or have the comments on this blog gone from praise of the Duggars to more complaints of the duggars? i think they are losing their sparkle.

  5. I'd just like to say that they were up on stage without Mrs. Duggar and most of the girls. The girls were sick, Yet they managed to pull it together and still get up on stage.

  6. I'm sorry, but you shouldn't be saying this. I bet they're
    Better singers than you!

  7. @Anonymous

    They don't prohibit them from any music whatsoever, and they certainly don't force anyone to listen to "their" music. They choose to listen to what glorifies God, not some rapper singing about his latest girl and getting high.

  8. @Anonymous

    The comments have gone down hill.

  9. @Anonymous

    I think many fans of the Duggars are getting weary of never hearing the truth from the Duggars. When we all first "met" the Duggars during their premier special it was pure-they were a large family following their faith. Now, when interveiwed and filmed; there seems to be many contrasts to what is said/modeled to how they were in the past and too many televised trips to the dentist now! The Duggars need to be as up front as they were during that first show. I think we are all becoming skeptical of them.

  10. Lily and Ellie,
    This blog used to be a 'safe haven' for Duggar fans to get info on one of their favorite families and enjoy reading others' comments. Now, it seems to read any positive comments we must wade through several piles of sludge to do so. It's getting very tiresome to come here and read the nasty comments.

    I used to allow my children to read on here and read the nice comments about the Duggars. Now I can't let them read here unless I'm standing there to make sure they DON'T click on the comments.

    Please consider moderating the comments more strictly?
    A Homeschool Mom

  11. So many mean comments...;(
    Let's just go back to the preschool motto: If you don't say anything nice don't say anything at all.
    Seriously why are people on this site if you are negative towards the Duggars?
    The Duggars are really nice (I met them) so don't say anything mean please.

  12. @Anonymous

    Hi Homeschool Mom,

    Thanks for your input. We really appreciate it. The way the comment moderation works makes it difficult to gauge the level of negativity on a given page. We have noticed an increase in the amount of negative comments and have started implementing stricter standards. Our goal is to maintain a family friendly site.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Lily and Ellie


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