Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tonight on TLC: Life-Changing Decisions

What's the scoop on Josh's new job opportunity? Find out tonight on TLC!

Due to an unavoidable scheduling conflict, the recap of tonight's episodes will be late. We will post it as soon as we can.

9:00 PM EST/8:00PM CST
19 Kids and Counting: Decisions & Deliveries
Josh is presented with a job opportunity 1,200 miles away and decides to seek guidance from Jim Bob and Michelle. Jana and Jill's client goes into labor, and the family attends Joseph's boot camp graduation.

9:30 PM EST/8:30PM CST
19 Kids and Counting: Duggars Get Physical
Josh and Anna head down to Florida to visit Anna's family and meet the latest family addition, her newborn nephew Paul. And after several weeks of training, trainer Steve pushes Jim Bob and Josh to their max, all leading up to the final weigh-in.


  1. I think Josh was asked to move to DC.
    I wonder what they end up doing? I think it would be very sad for us and them if they did!

    Can't wait to see the new episodes on youtube!

    Thanks again for all your work Lilly & Ellie!


  2. I have a feeling that Josh and Anna are moving! I hope not! They really add a good touch to the show! DON'T LEAVE JOSH AND ANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I can not WAIT until the new 2 episodes tonight!!!

  4. Josh did interview for a position in DC. However, I'm guessing he did not get it or turned the offer down since he's still posting on Webstagram pics from his business, etc. Considering the wide lapse in timing from actual filming to televising; Josh would have been living in DC by now if he had a new job.

  5. Josh did interview for a position in DC. However, I'm guessing he did not get it or turned the offer down since he's still posting on Webstagram pics from his business, etc. Considering the wide lapse in timing from actual filming to televising; Josh would have been living in DC by now if he had a new job.

  6. Although I thought Josh was pursuing a Bachelor's to go to law school, well I guess having kids got in their way and meant a change of plans!

  7. I'm sure if Josh moves to DC, TLC will still film Josh & his family. The film crew is based out of Maryland so it would be easier to film Josh & family then the Duggars. Josh should take the opportunity. Being able to get a job that can support a family in DC with a GED is almost unheard of, so this might be a rare opportunity for him to get a job he has dreamed of. I have several friends that did internships and entry level jobs in DC and they had graduate degrees & barely made enough for a single person to squeak by. I'm sure it is a hard choice for him to leave, but Anna moved from FL and is fine so why should he not go for a once in a lifetime opportunity. If he is homesick or it doesn't work out I'm sure Jim Bob would let him have the dealership back.

  8. Even if Josh & Anna move to D.C., they will still most likely do the show-but from D.C. Why would they stop doing the show just cause they move to D.C.? It will be interesting & add a whole new dimension to 19 kids & counting.

  9. What is it with all the births??? This is no longer a family veiwing show.

    1. I disagree, the birth scenes are tastefully done. it is not something we should be ashamed of as women. what a priviledge it is to be able to be able to bring new life into this world!

  10. this was filmed months ago. so if anna and josh were moving to DC it would have been revelaed. he turned down the job obviously and is still in Ark.

    does he still run a used car lot ?

  11. also i am glad they are loosing weight.

  12. how do I view the episodes on youtube? I want it to be like last season but I can't find the ones on youtube anymore. Help! And yes I found ones but it is through evideo.com that you have to fill out surveys and I don't have time to download them from itunes. Any suggestions?

  13. So if Joseph is supposed to stand still and not smile, why is Jim Bob being totally immature and trying to make him laugh? And can the whole family not let Joseph be an adult, do they not have any self-control or discipline re "hugging" to respect Joseph's circumstances at the camp? And in the following episode Jim Bob still thinks it's funny that they hardly ever get anywhere on time. Josh and David, big boys getting dirty in the mud - time to put away those childish things. But what do they care, the womenfolk are right there to clean them up.

  14. The part of this episode with Josh discussing the job had to be taped recently. David & Pricillia's baby was about 3 weeks old so that would put the episode being taped in April(David posted pictures of the visit on his blog in April), so about 1 month ago. Josh and Anna visited DC again a few weeks ago. To me it seemed like they have already decided. Josh also posted about his car sale on twitter, all the cars on the lot were at almost half price.

    The episodes must be being shown out of order. Anna was 30+ weeks pregnant on tonight's show and next week Jim is telling the gender? The gender was announced on the Today show before Anna was 30 weeks. I just to try to enjoy the peek we get inside the Duggars
    lives and forgot about the edit or order TLC shows it in.

  15. Why would having 'births' make it 'not family viewing'??

    This is the Duggars' show, there has nearly always been a birth shown every year!

    They aren't showing anything immodest or any private things.

    I hope Josh and Anna realize how fortunate they are to have family there and stay. It is so HUGE to have family around. and very hard to make it without.

  16. These shows were only filmed about 3 weeks ago, not a 'huge lapse of time'. There were pics of the FL visit put on the Instagram only 3 weeks back.

  17. Luisa, they are having fun and enjoying each others company. theres nothing wrong with that. being on tv must have tremendous pressure on the family. so id want to muck around occasionaly too.

    i still think it is a family veiwing show, the birth scenes are tastefully done and seeing a woman give birth is an amazing experience. and theres nothing shameful about it. jmbobs jokes about their lovelife would go over most kids heads as well. i dont have a problem with my kids seeing it. (ages 9 and under, 7 in all)

  18. I think it's very selfish of Jim Bob to discourage Josh and Anna from taking this opportunity. He used the excuse of "not being able to see the grandkids grow up." TALK ABOUT GUILT!

    Why wouldn't they want to encourage their children to be independent and go out into the world and be something? I saw the look on Anna's face when Jim Bob said that. She did not look too happy.

    Are they going to guilt Jon David into staying there instead of pursuing a military career now, too?

    TLC just created a new show called "Breaking Amish." Maybe they can create one called "Breaking Duggar" that shows all the kids leaving home and going out on their own.

    I feel like ol' JB is just too manipulative and selfish to not encourage his children to go out into the world and make something of themselves.

  19. I bet that Josh and Anna are definitely moving!

  20. I totally agree with Luisa.

  21. anna could have the baby any day now i wonder if there gonna name a M name? that would be cool to bad mackenzie does not have any sisters
    what happens on the next show i think josh and anna are moving cause the pictures when they were at dc cupcakes and dc mall maybe? or they just can't tell anyone that would be sooooo sad if they moved kezie and mikey would miss there anuts and uncles if you go on david and pricsilla webstie (davidlovespricslilla.com) there are pictures of anna and kenzie the one where kenzie is holding paul kenzie looks alot like josh? or maybe its just me


  22. If you go on the duggars carlot website they are selling all there cars cheaper. I think they maybe moving!


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