Friday, May 3, 2013

Michelle Duggar

As Mother's Day approaches, Michelle Duggar discusses her childhood and the person who made it special...her mom (video below).

"We always had a happy home," says Michelle. "It was just a fun place to be, and Mom made it that way."

Video no longer available


  1. Cheers to maybe new shows of the family at home. Enough of these shows with travel. It is starting to appear that is all they do-go home to unpack to then pack to go somewhere.

  2. Sounds like you've always had great influences in your life. A mothers role is sooo grand, the list is too long to mention. Michelle you are beautiful and a special mother yourself, as well as Grandma Duggar. Your children know how blessed they are. We (the fans) see this in every episode. Mothers make the family whole. God Bless all Mammas out there young and old.

  3. That is so true.I kinda get tired of them traveling everywhere they should focus on them parenting the kids by answering they daily life questions and answering viewers questions during the show.lots of us can't afford to travel cuz we work or can't afford to travel like they do.still love the show but plz enough of the traveling


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