Friday, May 24, 2013

March Like a Duggar

"The graduation ceremony was so impressive. All the recruits were up there on stage in their dress uniforms, and they sang a couple of hymns, and they quoted the entire book of I Peter."
~Michelle Duggar

Watch the highlights of Joseph Duggar's graduation from ALERT Academy in the following TLC webisode:


  1. Congratulations to you Joseph, a job well done! You look handsome in your uniform. Do you think you will continue this path of service?

    God Bless

  2. As the Duggar children grow up and are forced into the rest of the world outside of the Duggar house, they will realize they are just like everybody else. It will be hard for them to adjust themselves that they are normal like the rest of us and that the rest of us aren't in front of cameras, we don't get paid vacations, etc. I am most interested in what the Duggar children will do with their lives as they grow up and the media camera is not on them. (That is unless TLC is to become The Duggar Channel in the future that is!)

  3. Wow, that's an amazing accomplishment! Congratulations Joseph!

  4. I totally agree that the Duggar children will face the real world. Josh is about to, and unless his job coddles him and cuddles him as a "TV star," he will get the same ole' 2 weeks vacation, etc. the rest of us get and the rest of us pay for our own vacations. And we don't get to report "on Duggar time." All time on the job is equal to all of us and exceptions aren't made for "Duggar time." Stay tuned.

  5. You do nt know that they are not prepaired for life. People who come from small families off camra are not prepaired for life.


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