Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Decisions & Deliveries" Recap

Tuesday on 19 Kids and Counting...
  • When Josh is offered a job in Washington D.C., he and Anna seek wise counsel from Jim Bob and Michelle.
  • "I'd hate to see the grandkids grow up without us being there," says Jim Bob. "I think they really need to pray about this decision.
  • "Just the change of going from two children to three children in huge," says Anna. "Adding on top of that the possibility of moving to D.C.... sometimes it's too much for me to think about. We're just kind of weighing our options and trying to see how this is all going to unfold." Tune in next week to hear their final decision.
  • Jill and Jana assist at another homebirth. Due to a defect in the umbilical cord, the girls and their birthing team decide to send the baby to the hospital. "We had never seen this specific defect before," says Jill. "But we wanted to make sure that baby was doing okay. Everything was great, as far as we could tell. His vitals were amazing, but we knew that on the inside things still weren't right."
  • Samuel Arlington Barnes IV has corrective surgery and does not experience any lasting effects from the omphalocele. According to his mom, he is "doing fabulous."
  • "Jill and Jana have been amazing students," says Vanessa, the midwife that the girls are apprenticing under. "Especially when it comes to fully taking care of our clients. They are ready for any emergency that arises, and they are extremely loving to the clients. And they both soak up so much information. They're like sponges."
  • The family heads to Texas for Joseph's graduation from ALERT Academy (Air Land Emergency Response Team) and a demonstration of the skills he has learned. After being away from Joseph for nine weeks, the Duggars are thrilled to see him.
  • When they arrive, Joseph is standing at attention.  "It was hard to just walk up to the little yellow line there, not to be able to go and just run and grab him and give him a big hug," says Jana.
  • Jim Bob can hardly contain his joy. "We love you Joseph. Blink once if you love us back," says the father of 19. Joseph blinks.
  • At graduation, Joseph is commended for his personal excellence, endurance hike, and Scripture memory. When the ceremony is finally over, the entire family runs over to Joseph and embraces him.
  • "I enjoyed the physical training and stuff like that," says Joseph. "But being away from family is so hard."


  1. What a special young man Joseph is! What a great example he is setting for his younger brothers!Will be interesting to see what Josh & Anna's decision is ( I think I can guess) -which Dad's influence is greater. JimBob wants them to stay and Mr. Kellar says they should go for it...Will definitely be tuning in! :)

  2. I knew it wasn't "just rumors" tha that Josh applied for the job in Washington DC.....

  3. I will be surprised if Josh takes the job although I think he should. I think it is selfish of Jim Bob to dissuade them to branch out on their own. Sounds like the Keller's are more with the program and willing to let their kids make their own decisions. Josh obviously made a decision to look into the job in the first place so let him go and encourage him to move out on his own and be the head of his family without everyone right their to tell him what to do. Branch out and experience the world outside of your little (or big) family circle. There is a HUGE world out their to explore, be a part of, and make an influence on. MAKE YOUR MOVE!!!

  4. "I'd hate to see the grandkids grow up without us being there," says Jim Bob. "I think they really need to pray about this decision.

    I agree with an earlier poster. Well, what about the Keller's? They live in Florida and don't get to see the grandkids as much as JimBob and Michelle do.

    The comment almost makes it sound like Anna and Josh need to place an extraordinarily high importance on maintaining JB&M in their own kids's lives. Which almost makes it sound like JB&M don't think J&A can do as good a job without them in the picture.


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