Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jana and Jill in Peru 2011

Back in August, Jana and Jill traveled to Peru for a mission trip. Here are some photos from their journey. Enjoy!

Interviewing for Peruvian TV

Jana at Peruvian hotel

Jana visits Peruvian hospital patient

Jana holds a flag on Peruvian Independence Day

Jill cheers up a patient at Peruvian hospital

Jill enjoys a Bembos burger with friend Libby

Jana and Priscilla Keller (Anna's sister) 
Celebrate Peruvian Independence Day


  1. Sounds fun! I am a big fan of IBLP and the work they do, glad the Duggars could be a part of it!


  2. Good pictures. Thank you for sharing. I've seen those somewhere recently; just can't think of where right now.

  3. Those girls are absolutely beautiful!

  4. I saw those photos already months ag!

  5. Priscilla went too? Did you hear the news about Priscilla yet?

  6. I think it cool that Jana and Jill could go to Peru to help the people of Peru find the love of Jesus. Michelle and Jim Bob have such giving and caring kids that are now adults!

  7. Hi Godly-Young-Widow!

    Priscilla (Anna's sister) did go to Peru with Jana and Jill. We heard the news...Priscilla is engaged!

    Have a great weekend!
    Lily and Ellie

  8. Jana is so pretty!


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