Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"Do Good Duggars" Recap

On tonight's new episode of "19 Kids and Counting," Do Good Duggars...
  • The Duggars--as well as 125 other Discovery Communications employees--partner with Habitat for Humanity to rebuild homes destroyed by the recent tornadoes in Birmingham, Alabama
  • Jim Bob and the older kids hammer away, while the little ones decorate pots to cheer up the families who have lost everything.
  • The Duggars are always up for a little friendly competition! This time they go head-to-head with the crew working on the house next door, who just happen to be the stars of  Discover Channel's Storm Chasers! Some of them actually witnessed the tornadoes that ripped through Alabama. 
  • During one of the days, temperatures hit 90 degrees, and the humidity reaches a stifling 76%. Dripping with sweat and having worked up an appetite, the Duggars head to Niki's West. Almost everyone orders more than they can eat, especially Josh. "I didn't work hard enough to be able to eat this much today!" remarks the eldest Duggar after his meal. 
  • According to his sisters, Josh has been saying for a while that he needs to cut back. (Like father like son, right?) Jessa jokingly puts it this way: "If he wants to go on a diet, fine. If not, there's just more of him to love!"
  • While in Birmingham, the Duggars meet Dave Salmoni from Animal Planet (a channel that the kids enjoy watching when they have access to network TV). Dave asks two-year-old Jordyn if she knows how to install drywall. She nods her head. "Well that's good," says Dave. "So you'll be able to give me some tips, teach me how to do some stuff?" Completely serious, Jordyn replies with a "yep."
Have you ever built homes with an organization like Habitat for Humanity?


  1. I've been able to help with housing programs twice. I volunteered on a Habitat house and did the local chapter's publicity for a couple of years.
    My first mission experience (back in the 1960's!) was with our church youth group to help improve migrant worker's housing in Maryland.

  2. Jordyn is so cute and funny. She is growing up so fast! She is stating to really look like Jenny.

  3. Yes,with the Youth Minstry from my church.We built houes in Portland,ME two summers ago.

  4. Check out wikipedia there's one more episode in season 8 where the Duggar's answer viewers questions than season 9 begins on Nov 13 it's about the Duggar's trip to Scotland and Ireland.

  5. I have been on five Habitat for Humanity GLobal Village Builds. Four of those as a team member, and one as a team co-leader.

  6. Love it! I'm glad someone could come up with a creative way to involve the little ones as well. Jordyn is SO cute.....and Jackson and Johannah interrupting each other......


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