Thursday, November 3, 2011

Duggar for a Day Results

We asked you: "If you could shadow a Duggar for a day, which Duggar would you choose?" 
Here are the results:
Michelle: 30%
Jessa: 12% 
Jill: 11%
Joy-Anna: 11%
Jinger: 9%
Anna: 7%
Jana: 6% 
Josiah: 2% 
Jackson: 2%
Jordyn: 2%
John-David: 1%
Joseph: 1% 
Jedidiah: 1%
Jason: 1%
James: 1%
Justin: 1%
Johannah: 1%
Josie: 1%


  1. Yes kinda. I would want to shado them all. :) (Even Amy) :)

  2. I expected Jana to have more votes, and also more of the little ones!

  3. Maybe that just tells you what gender most of your readers are, and they didn't want to get themselves in trouble :)

  4. I thought Jill, Jana, James, Justin, Jackson, Johannah, Jennifer, and Jordyn would be higher. Maybe it tells us what personality and gender most of the reader's are. Jessa is the closest to my age, but Jill fits my personality better.

  5. My guess would be that mostly moms voted for Michelle and Anna, younger folks for the girls near their age, and grandmas and those without children voted for the littler kids.
    In one of the episodes JimBob joked about everyone wanting to meet Michelle and not him.

  6. Anonymous,

    I voted for Jill because she has a similar personality to me, even though Jessa is my age. I am just a couple of weeks older than her. I agree with you those that mostly moms voted for Michelle and Anna. I'm surprised that no one voted for Jim Bob. I would think that mostly dads would vote for Josh and Jim Bob because they are such godly men. A lot of men can look up to both of them, just like Michelle and Anna.
    I agree with you that mostly grandmas and those without kids voted for the littler kids.

  7. Actually, I did mention that I would like to hear more from Jim-Bob. And I know I speak for many people, including my husband and children. If it were not for Jim-Bob, there would be no Duggar family. It has been a shared vision with Michelle for his family, an answer to God's call to serve his country and his God as representative, and a leadership that is gentle, kind, exhuberant and godly that has brought the family to our attention and for our benefit. I enjoy hearing the Father's perspective perhaps even more than the mother's because we hear from fathers far less frequently (and far less visually!). So, thanks, JimBob! You are mentoring a lot of dads and future dads out there! I hope you know you are greatly appreciated.

  8. The question on shadowing was a good one, as in "who do you want to learn from?" However, rating the percentages of "votes" for a particular member over the others seems to turn the question into a popularity poll This can be very hurtful toward the Duggar family members. I'm sure that is not the intent, but perhaps we could look out for the sensitivities of this family when we respond, the children especially, and not discuss favorites.

  9. Hi Anonymous!

    You're correct, it's always important to be sensitive towards peoples' feelings. Most of our readers said "I would choose ____ because I could learn _____ from him/her." The results of the poll showed that most of our readers would like to shadow Michelle (the matriarch of the family) or the older girls. The results are also reflective of our audience.

    Have a beautiful day!
    ~Lily and Ellie

  10. You spelled "Results" wrong, the T and L are reversed. An easy mistake. :)

  11. Thanks for catching that, Anonymous!
    What would we do without our loyal readers like you? :)

    Have a blessed week!
    Lily and Ellie

  12. im 51 years old never did i have a mom who loved me like mrs duggar loves her 19 babies i have an only child i love him with my soul and would die for him if jesus asked that of me so i think we all should love with all our might mrs duggar loves her 21 babies like i love my one and the one in heaven so mrs duggar you go girl i vote for you


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