Monday, June 20, 2011

You've Got the Duggars...

The saying "many hands makes light work" is epitomized by the Duggar family. Watch them put their troops to work during a recent trip to New York City's Bowry Mission.

Video no longer available    

What service projects do you and your family enjoy taking part in?


  1. What I really enjoy the most is knitting for others...there are three main projects that I knit/crochet/otherwise create for. The first is Project Linus, which provides blankets to seriously ill or injured babies and children across Canada and the US and has distributed about 3million handmade blankets since 1995. The second is the Prayer Shawl ministry that my church is involved in, providing hand-knit shawls to those in need, be it illness, bereavement or other difficult times. We also have a Mitten Tree ministry, each year we collect mittens, hats, scarves and other sorts of things for children and adults in the inner-city where poverty is extreme. I love creating things, and this allows me to still reach out and touch others. Plus, it's portable...I take it on Wind Ensemble trips, to church, sometimes even before the Symphony or Opera! Being a university student also working two jobs I have a tight schedule-this allows me to do something when I have the time for it. My dad and I also just became child sponsors through World Vision, and I'm looking forward to doing that for as many years as there is a need for World Vision. I used to volunteer at my church's Food Bank, but it now conflicts with my wind ensemble rehearsals.

  2. Wow, what a blessing to see a large family serving together!

    -Morgan family

  3. We take our youth group (including our own children) to work with the homeless and less fortunate in Little Rock. In July, we will be going and helping to turn abandoned homes into livable homes. It is always so much fun!

    It is so good to see little Josie babbling like that! She is such a little miracle! (:

  4. My mom, sister and I hold a lemnade stand each summer. We use the proceds to buy toys for children at Albany Medical Center, a place that has helped and still helps my 28 week preemie twinsister and I.

  5. Thank you for sharing your walk with us.
    My husband and I enjoy serving others thru The Voice of the Martyrs in Bartlesville, OK

  6. Jordan is not in this video.


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